Sunday, September 02, 2007

ARGGGG - Fractions !!

Cherub 1 has always been very strong in Math ... and has worked more-often-than-not completely solo (as he prefers) with great success ... until very recently.

And what plagues him NOW, you ask ???? F-R-A-C-T-I-O-N-S .... and the mere mention of the word brings YUCK or OH NOOO from his lips, along with a frown bigger than I have ever seen before. Even cooking has lost it's joy for him ... MORE FRACTIONS he mutters.

So, in seraching online and asking for the help of other Ambleside & House of Education Mom's ... this link was sent to us. (THANK YOU ANNE WHITE from HEO for this particular resource, and thanks to the other ladies who sent other very useful resources too !!)

WOW ... a teachers manual and 2 workbooks that focus SOLELY on fractions ... FREE AND PRINTABLE ... so we are off today to get a binder and another print cartridge (just in case our printer runs low) ... then we will be back this afternoon to print these off. And for the next few weeks we will take a minor DETOUR from his Saxon lessons, and instead focus on these materials ... and get these fractions MASTERED once and for all.

We thought this resource may benefit others struggling with these pesky "pieces and parts" too - please check it out.

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I posted about a fun fraction resource here: