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Monday, August 30, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

571.  Cooler days, and yes, high 80s is cooler.
572.  Night times with open windows, curtains blowing with the cool breezes.
573.  Our new homeschool support group.
574.  Freshly mowed grass, and the cool rains that quench the land.
575.  A clean sparkling house before traveling – rest-to-be for weary travelers.
576.  Line dried sheets and blankets.
577.  Smooth travels into and around Georgia.
578.  Watching Cherubs discover the Atlantic for the first time (that they can remember).
579.  Collecting seashells on the shore at sunrise.
580.  Moments captured by our resident shutterbug, Cherub 1.
581.  Surf and sand … playing with Cherubs.
582.  Visiting Zoo Atlanta with the Cherubs.
583.  A speechless Cherub 5, standing 5 feet or less from Tara, a REAL elephant, with tears streaming down her cheeks.  Priceless !!
584.  Tears of joy again from Cherub 5 when she saw the Panda’s.
585.  Visiting with Dumma in Atlanta.
586.  Adventures in Paleontology with Cousin Bobby – wow !
587.  Cherub faces after trying fresh coconut for the first time – after watching them “crack it” first. HA !
588.  Fellowship time with other homeschool families at the lake.
589.  Watching Cinnamon grow healthier and stronger under guidance by our caring vet.
590.  Cherub 2 and Cinnamon – there’s nothing like watching a girl with the horse she loves.
591.  Supplies ready, books chosen, plans made --- 1 week left before we begin our new school year.
592.  Tree limbs heavy with nuts – pecans, chestnuts.  It won’t be long now until Autumn is here.
593.  New teas purchased at the World Market in Atlanta – our tea drawer is filling up again, ready for warm cozy nights with herbal tea and bedtime stories.
594.  A new Scout troop – renewed enthusiasm, new friendships, and great plans.
595.  Preparing to introduce other families to Nature Studies – sharing something we love with others.  What an honor.
596.  Family friends (B family and T family) who are expecting a new baby soon --- we are honored to lift them in prayer !
597.  DadToCherubs’ new commitment to a healthier diet, regular exercise, and visions of a bright future when he’ll be feeling better.
598.  Sharpened pencils, open minds …. Cherubs looking forward to school beginning next week.
599.  Hints of color on the mountains – fall won’t be long in coming.
600.  Beginning again our nightly study of His Word all together.

For more information about the Gratitude Community, or to join us in being God-Seekers and Joy Finders, visit Ann's blog, A Holy Experience.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Georgia Getaway For 8

This past long-weekend, DadToCherubs planned a wonderful mini-vacation.
First stop ... Tybee Island.  Second stop ... Atlanta.
We left Thursday morning early, and hit the highways, arriving at Stop 1 around 330pm.
Above:  The Cherubs are anxiously waiting to get on the beach ...
(Above:  South beach area of Tybee Island, Georgia)
Although our older Cherubs visited the Atlantic Ocean
when they were much younger, none remembers.
So, this was considered to be their first trip
to the ocean.
We play in the river and local lakes, a lot.
But nothing prepared our Cherubs for the
wind, the beach, the view, then adventure ...
and the waves amazed them.
Cherub 1 has become quite the shutterbug, and
was up and on the beach before sunrise
with his camera.
(The photo above and the photo below were taken by Cherub 1.
He has quite an eye, we think.)
We played until dark on the beach Thursday night.
The early Friday morning, with breakfast in hand,
we set out to collect seashells ... walking the beach ...
wow, the things we found !
(Moon Jellyfish above & birdie-prints below)
We also saw some dolphins in the water,
but couldn't get our camera "snapped" in time.
WOW -- how amazing !!!
While walking near a jetty on the North end of Tybee Island,
we found Mr. Stonecrab,
and gently pulled him out for a better view.
Afterwards, we tucked him back where we found him.
(He wasn't happy to be part of our adventures.  
He managed to pinch DadToCherubs.)
Just what everyone wants to hear before swimming in the ocean ...
we happened upon this man who was fishing ...
just as he caught (and released) a baby Black Tip shark.
Yes - he caught it while standing on the beach.
DadToCherubs and I couldn't hold them back anymore ....
the water was "calling" to them, they said.
They just HAD to get in it ... the faster, the better.
So they spent the rest of the morning and
most of the afternoon playing in the water
and playing in the sand.
Cherub 2 and Cherub 3 buried
Cherub 1 in the sand.
After a grand day of playing in
Tybee Island, GA, at the beach ....
we packed up in the van, and drove toward
Atlanta to see our grandmother (Dumma) ....
and were all sound asleep shortly after arriving.
The sun and surf had been exhausting !

And on Saturday morning, bright and early,
we headed out to ....
... which was another first for most of our Cherubs.
Cherub 5 was positively beside herself
with excitement .... we arrived just in time
to see Tara having her breakfast.
Tears of joy were shed by Cherub 5 ....
real ... live ... elephants.
We all loved the Meercats.
Zebras ... wow !
The Lions were grumpy, but beautiful
none the less.
This is Ivan, a gorilla.
He arrived at the Atlanta Zoo in 1994
after Atlanta's male gorilla, Willie B, passed away.
Here's the story .... Ivan was born at the
National Zoo in Washington, D.C. in 1967.
He lived in Washington, D.C, until his
move to Atlanta.
And since I grew up visiting the National Zoo
at least every year of my childhood in
Maryland .... Ivan and I had met
many times before.
Isn't that funny ?!??!
The Reptile House was a BIG hit with the boys !
Then, near the end of our visit, Cherub 5 was
nearly in tears again ... tears of joy ...
when we saw the Giant Panda exhibit.
After a longgggg day of walking .... 
we headed back to Dumma's for a good night's sleep.

Then on Sunday we visited Cousin Mindy, her son Bobby,
and her husband Cousin Phil.
They served a delicious barbeque for lunch ... yummy !
And afterward lunch came another moment
we had all been waiting for ....
you see, Bobby is a Paleontologist.
Yes - a real live Dinosaur Scientist !!
(The children kept talking about how
blessed we are to have so many
"scientists" in our family !!
A Marine Biologist, a Marine Vet,
and a Paleontologist !!
WOW !)
Bobby is visiting his mother in Atlanta
on his way home from a dig ....
he's transporting his "finds" back to the museum.
The skull of a small Raptor.
(white is actual bone and gray is "reconstruction")
Bobby talking to the boys about his "finds".
Sea floor discoveries with some reconstructions.
And the big brown bone in the middle ---
a real "toe bone" from a T-Rex !!!!
A nearly 6 foot tall leg from a
yet-to-be-named creature
that looked rather like a large Ostrich,
except it was without feathers
and arms instead of wings
and no beak.
Bobby then took the Cherubs out
to look for fossils and artifacts -- 
talking to them about where to find fossils,
what they can expect to find in various settings,
and more.
They found a few small fossils -- mostly plant remains.
WOW !!
What an amazingly educational afternoon !!
So, the Cherubs are already begging Bobby to come to
visit us and dig a little in Tennessee in our
"neck of the woods"
next time he is passing nearby.
He said he would try ..... so stay tuned !!
We visited some more with Cousin Mindy, Cousin Phil,
and Bobby, having chocolate creme pie (yummy !).

Then, late on Sunday afternoon, after a long trip ....
we headed home to Tennessee.
We arrived just before dark,
visited our pets .... unpacked the car ...
and headed to bed.
We had an amazing mini-vacation ...
but it's good to be home again.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

He Said ...

He said 
"Shhhh.  I'm thinking ..."

Doesn't this look fabulous ?!?!

What We've Been Up To

View from Buck's Bald
Visits with new friends
Storm Watching
Time with family
New adventures
Nature walks
Lots of Horse'n around