Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pennies Saved .... Wrinkles Earned.

This weekend is Tennessee's Annual Sales Tax Holiday.
There is no sales tax on school supplies, clothing, shoes, computers, and more.

Add to that the fact that most area public schools begin tomorrow (our new homeschool year will begin at the end of August).

So, I decided to head out to get our school supplies, hoping to save a few pennies ...
The stores were MOBBED ... with people ... grumpy people ... lots of them ...  white-knuckling lists and shoving carts along ... looking for orange two-prong folders and red marking pencils and 12ct watercolor sets .... it wasn't pretty.

Our supply list isn't very specific - notebooks, paper, pencils, and such things.  But my cart was full, and my list crossed-off .... and I headed to the line, and stood for nearly an hour waiting to check out ....

Although I saved a few pennies, I am not sure the stress of it all was worth it.  I think I have a few new wrinkles ..... HA !

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