Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Week Of School

Daisy and Moses joined us in the school room.
They were paying very close attention ...
to the Zzzzzzz's to be counted. HA !

Cherub 1 is playing the guitar as
we sing together.
(Hymn Study & Study of American Patriotic Music)

Cherub 2 watching her Math lesson
(Teaching Textbooks).

Cherub 6 looking through his
Exploring Creation With Zoology II:
Swimming Creatures
textbook (Apologia).
Cherub 3 working on his Physical Science (Apologia).
Cherub 1 reading about the
Explorers of the New World.

Cherub 2 writing an essay.
Cherub 5 working on some Copywork.
Cherub 4 finished today's lessons by saying ....
"1 week down ... Only 35 more weeks to go ..."
The other Cherubs were a bit more
enthusiastic about the new school year,
which is a bit more encouraging.

1 comment:

Christana said...

Wow! When do you sleep? Your blog is inspiring, and leads me further down the road I was already pondering for our homeschooling this year. Thank you!

Christana Tucker, Coker Creek