Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's That Time Again

We're running a bit later than usual
this year, but finally it's time
to get out the warm woolies.
Swapping shorts for pants,
short sleeves for long,
bathing suits for mittens and gloves.
The days are getting cooler,
the nights are getting colder.
It's nearly time to break out
the tea cups, and begin anew
our traditional warm herbal tea
served during bedtime reading.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner ...
turkey and all the fixings ...
a time when our minds focus on all
of the blessings God has bestowed
on our family and friends.
Our Father has been wonderful
to us ... a new home ...
dear friends old and new ...
good health ... DadToCherub's job ...
He is so good !!
Then it won't be much longer after that before
LET IT SNOW will be uttered nearly daily,
as the Cherubs hope for fluffy white flakes
to cover everything.
Being a bit higher in elevation
at this new house,
perhaps the chances are better now.
The holiday season will blow in like a whirlwind,
as usual, bringing with it visits with dear
family and friends, and all of the beautiful traditions --
baking cookies, decorating the tree,
pondering deeply on the story of Christ's birth,
singing carols, and evenings by the fireplace
sipping warm tea and perhaps a treat while reading
our favorite wintertime books together.
I can hardly wait.

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