Monday, June 14, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

426.  Wonderful hospital staff monitoring and caring for Cherub 3.
427.  All of those Nature Studies – and Cherub 3’s fast recognition of a Black Widow.
428.  God’s protection of Cherub 3 from the worst of the Black Widow’s venom – Praise God !!
429.  Cherubs attending Horse Camp.  Good times, good friends, great fun.
430.  Dr. A.B., horse camp director and fun-time-creator.  (Thank you A.B.)
431.  Cool flowing clean river nearby on hot sticky days.
432.  Cousin I coming to visit.
433.  Fresh picked garden lettuce – yummy !
434.  Plants loaded with little green “maters” – it won’t be long now !
435.  A successful Outdoor Expo for 4H and Scouts.
436.  The opportunity to coach, and watching the players smile as they learn.
437.  Our beautiful horses – SunnySocks, Smokie, and Cinnamon.
438.  Celebrating Sunny’s FIRST birthday with dear friends.
439.  Fly masks for our horses.  What a difference they make !
440.  Blooming flowers – daisies, coneflowers, black-eyed susans, and more.
441.  Our Father holding J.B. in his arms as docs work to find answers.
442.  DadToCherubs’ job – we are so thankful !!
443.  Cool-blowing AC on humid, hot, sticky summer days.
444.  Assembling shopping lists for next fall – we’ll be back to school in August.
446.  The whirl of bicycle tires, and giggles of passing Cherubs.
447.  Watching Father Bluebird, and then Momma Bluebird, and now fledged Baby Bluebirds.
448.  Butterfly watching.
449.  The scent of sweet fresh hay.
450.  Crepe Myrtles covered in blooms.
451.  Peanut M&Ms … a treat from DadToCherubs.
452.  The icemaker --- and big glasses of icewater to beat this heat.
453.  Summer thunderstorms – and the blessing of plenty of rain.
454.  A new Soccer Season.
455.  Watergun battles and hearty laughter.
456.  Playing in the sprinkler.
457.  School plans coming together.
458.  Volunteer opportunities for Cherub 1 with the Forest Service.
459.  Fuzzy “blooms” on our Chestnut trees.
460.  Summer Reading program.
461.  Merit Badges, new skills, and lots of “out of the box” learning.
462.  The scent of grilled chicken wafting on the air … yummy !
463.  Garden blooms – squashes, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers ….
464.  Sunshine !!
465.  Cloud watching with Cherubs.
466.  The Farrier’s visit today.

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