Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Changes

We have been looking at property for soooo longggg  .... we found perfect land but imperfect homes ... just the right home but the land wasn't right .... would we try to build or find something already built .... ready-to-go or in need of renovations.  The list went on and on ....

And then, we found IT ... the perfect farm ... 30 gorgeous acres and a lovely log home ... there's plenty of room for our family ... and lots of room for our animals, and their friends (it seems every animal we have comes with a friend - ha !) ... room for Dumma (my mother) to build her home in a few years after she retires ... and even room for the Cherubs to build their homes someday should they choose to.

The property has lovely land for pasture for our horses, and plenty of room for riding too.  For now we are going to give our chickens to a dear friend, and once we build a new chicken house, we'll order a batch of new peeps.  We're hoping to add some peacocks to our flock then, and also some guinea hens too.  And there's mention of trying to raise our own beef -- but this is still in the research phase.

Gardens .... fruit trees .... oh the plans we have.

The farm is very private (almost 1/2 mil of driveway alone), yet it's less than 3 miles from the center of a cute little town ... and 20 minutes from a much bigger town (it might even be a city ?).  It's located on the "other side" of the mountain that has been such a road block in seeing many dear friends ... so we're looking forward to seeing them more often too.  And it's only a 7 minute drive from a gorgeous lake where the boat and jetskis can be used A LOT -- and that lake has an adorable marina where we can store the "water toys".

We're very excited.  Did I mention that ?  VERY excited.

So, between now and moving day, we're going to be doing a lot of downsizing and a lot of de-cluttering .... getting ready to pack up and move.  And we're hoping to keep things organized ...

We're also focusing a lot of intense attention on our school work, in hopes that we can take a break for moving without setting ourselves behind too much, and without having to work through the bulk of the summer (but that's a possibility we're open to if it's necessary).

And until then, we're going to try to contain our excitement ... nahhhh ... we're getting more and more excited every day, as things fall into place.

We are naming our farm TWO BY TWO FARM ... and will be journaling our "adventures" on a new blog by the same name.


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