Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy ... Busy ... Busy

It's been a while ... a long while ... a BUSY while.

We fenced ... we packed ... we hauled ... we moved ... and then began the process of getting settled.  We're not "settled" completely (yes, there are still piles in a few places) because we've been busy mowing and trimming and taming the beautiful land here, and have been enjoying the springtime.

We have planned two vegetable gardens this year.  The first is close to the house and is 20x62.  We planted it this weekend -- yellow squash, zucchini, a few green beans, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, spinach, eggplant, and a few herbs.  The second garden is down the driveway a bit and is quite a bit larger at 130 x 70.  It will have more squash (yellow, zucchini, butternut, spaghetti, scallop, and a few others), more green beans, lots of sweet corn, two types of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew.  Cherub 3 also found pumpkin seeds and wanted to give them a try ... small pumpkins and then a package of mammoth pumpkins that claims it'll produce a 200+ pound fruit.  (I am not exactly sure what we're going to DO with a 200+ pound pumpkin though ... ha !)

In the middle of it all, the boys have been busy with Scouts (meetings, outings, planning), and the girls have been busy horse'n around (lessons, riding working our horses, and Cherub 2's volunteering at an equestrian therapy center).  The bigger boys had a great time camping (Spring Camporee), Cherub 6 has been training (boxing) and has had a few matches, and the girls attended a great Trail Clinic and their first Horse Show (4H).

Needless to say, we've been in a bit of a whirlwind.

So -- what's up next ?

There's lots left to do around here, outside.  We're hoping to add chickens to the farm (peeps !) in the next few weeks, and some guineas (oh my - there are wayyyy too many ticks here !!), and also perhaps a few beef cows (maybe this year, or maybe next) .... and who knows what else.  So, the next big "farm" project here is building structures ... a chicken house, and a small shelter for our horses .... and putting up more fences.  Do you have any "around the home place" projects this summer ?

And inside, we have decided that this year we are going to be working on school through the summer, although on a more flexible schedule to allow for plenty of summer fun.  We're starting Monday morning, bright and early.  We have some things we need to finish up, and some lessons that we didn't have time for earlier in the year that we want to work on ... and some of the Cherubs have skills that could use a bit more polishing and/or a bit more effort.  Does your family keep a traditional school schedule with summers off, or do you work on your own schedule ?  What are your family's plans academically this summer, or are summers "just for fun" ?

We have a busy day ahead of us ....

::::::::::: stay tuned :::::::::::

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