Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Goldfinch

Our birdfeeders need to be filled every few days now, as we are nearly overrun with "visitors" of the feathered kind. Little blue birds, robins, blue jay's, sparrows, and many others. But one particular bird we seem to have A LOT of lately is the American Goldfinch. At some points in the day, there can be 6-8 Goldfinch's on our feeder, and several others fluttering around and sitting on close-by branches .... waiting their turn at the feeder I suppose.
So, since we have begun our Zoology study (Flying Creatures) we also did a Nature Journal page in our notebooks on the American Goldfinch. The children are still wanting "instructions" for notebook pages, but they are getting a bit more creative each time and they are beginning to do more "research" on their own.
Photo 1 - Taken from inside our kitchen door, several Goldfinch's on our feeder. They seem to like the Nyger seed best. Photo is a bit fuzzy - had to take it THROUGH the glass so as not to startle the birds away.
Photo 2 - Specimen picture of American Goldfinch

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