Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thank You

Dear Family & Friends:

You can not imagine how your kind words, deeds, and gifts have touched our hearts. Your generosity is overwhelming and we will never forget the kindness extended to our family during this terrible time. Words can not express our gratitude as we realize how truly blessed we are to know people like you who have opened their hearts to us.

We are getting settled in our new house, and our lives are beginning to have a bit of order.

Our lives have changed so dramatically these past 3 weeks. Bright and early on the morning on March 10th we were spreading mulch and preparing our flower beds for Springtime. Then that very evening we had a fire and lost our home and all of our possessions. Now it has been just 3 weeks since the fire and already we are getting truly settled into our new home. We have been blessed beyond measure with clothing, books, furniture, and household goods, along with other donations. People have been so generous and so loving in our time of difficulty ... it is just too awesome for words to describe !!

Thank you very much for everything. We are truly blessed by knowing you. God is so good !!

With Much Love,
The Beck Family
Photo Above: This is a photo of our new house which is located on a working Dairy Farm. And Bella, our Great Pyrenees is standing in the foreground. Pretty place, isn't it ?? Hard to believe it is 140+ years old !! (Yes, one hundred forty years atleast). We were told it was used as a hospital during the Civil War ... and we are anxious to dig in the library and the courthouse to find out more about it.

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Granny said...

I've just been over to MamaLion to thank her for her part in getting you resettled. I don't know you but have prayed for you and was glad to have an opportunity to contribute in a small way after your loss. May your enforced fresh start bring you blessings you never dreamed of!