Sunday, April 01, 2007

Can You Believe It ??

My absolute most favorite flower in the whole wide world is the Lilac (bush). My childhood home in Maryland had a driveway lined with them ... and I used to buy a Lilac bush for my mother every year for Mother's Day. Everyone has a "comfort" smell ... a smell that calms them and mentally soothes them ... lilac is my "smell". And nothing synthetic has every come close to the real scent. And OH how I have missed lilacs in springtime since moving South 10 years ago.

Anyway, I have probably spent wayyy too much money in the last 10 years trying to grow them in the South ... I could get them to live (barely) and to leaf-out ... but I never managed to convince one to bloom. "They just do not grow in the south" is what I was told by garden shops over and over again. I had almost given up trying ... I had planned to try 1 last time this year (at the other house of course).

Well, when we moved (suddenly) to this house three weeks ago, a friend and previous resident of this house (Mrs. O from the O Tribe) gave me a tour of the grounds, pointing out plants and trees that had yet to begin their "springtime" transformations. I asked about a bush that was completely bare and nearly half covered with overgrown grass, in a place that said "nothing special" .... she said it was a lilac. I asked if she was SURE. (HA !) ... and she said it was most definately a lilac. ( I was afraid to get too excited ... could it be true ?!??!). Then I asked ... DOES IT BLOOM ?? .... and I held my breath ... and she said "of course it blooms". I was excited ... but nervous.

So for the last 3 weeks I have been walking over to and around that bush several times each day ... waiting and watching. I mowed ever so carefully around it, carefuly not to touch it with the side of the mower. Then approximately 1 week after we moved in, the first tiny green leaf buds appeared ... then the leaves came and and I thought " they ARE like lilac leaves" but was still a bit unsure .... then tiny purple buds in clusters (just like lilacs ?!?!) .... then more clusters ....

And 2 mornings ago ... the purple buds in clusters began to explode into many many beautiful lavendar blossoms ... their fragrance filling the air.

And when I saw the first few blossoms open and breathed in their sweet fragrance ... well, I cried and sobbed like a tiny babe .... what a precious gift during such a difficult time as we have had these past few weeks. I can still hardly believe it myself ... a lilac in full bloom .... right outside my back door .... a reminder of my childhood home ... the "smell" that brings peace to my heart with every breath.

God is sooooooooo good !!

Photo Above: Our lilac bush in bloom. Isn't it lovely ?!?!?


Priscilla said...

Beautiful post and picture!! So beautiful it gives me chills (really).

We'll have to take you up on that offer of tea and visiting!! But I'm a little more hesitant to take you up on your offer of correcting southern grammar. :) Ignorance is bliss... especially in the south (and especially when it's a yankee who's doing the correcting) :P

Love you & yours.


scmom said...

It is lovely. I too adore lilacs.

In a previous home we had three Miss Kim lilacs. I have a vivid memory of being about six months pregnant, sitting on a overturned bucket while mulching underneath the blooming lilacs. The fragrance was so beautiful and the day so pretty that I could only think, "How could anyone doubt the presence of God?"

I'm glad to read that you are getting settled after your fire. Your family is blessed.