Sunday, April 22, 2007

Horse Show

We are focusing attention on doing some "new" things together as this new chapter of our lives is unfolding.

And there is a little Lion's Club park only a few miles from our house. On Saturday evening there was to be a Horse Show at this Lion's Club Park.

We decided this might be a fun "new" thing to do together. As it turned out, the show was for Tennessee Walking Horses, and had 36 classes being shown. We stayed for the first 5 classes, and walked around a bit to see the horses and their owners.

After watching the show, we preferred "Lite Shod" horses to the Tennessee Walkers. It was all beautiful, but the Walkers looked rather unnatural to us. The Lite Shod horses were still "prancing" but did not look to be moving in such awkward positions.

The riders themselves were "dressed to the nines" .... long coats, ties, some with top hats or derby hats ... and the horses gleamed in the light, with long flowing tails and braided manes. They were just lovely pairs.

NOTE: Photo 1 is of the children petting Blondie Sky, a horse and her owners that we met prior to the show. And Photo 5 is of Blondie Sky and her owner, performing in Class 5 (Lite Shod Division). She did not "win" but we thought she (and her rider) did a LOVELY job. And her owners talked to us about this type of riding, and training, and Blondie herself. We were very thankful to have met them - we learned a lot.

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