Monday, November 24, 2008

When the Grands Came To Visit

Earlier this month, my grandparents (great grandparents to the 6 Cherubs) came from Pennsylvania to visit us in Tennessee.

Here is a photo of Pop, out for one of his many walks with Cherub 6. He loves to go for walks .... Pop and Cherub 6 ! After his walks, Pop enjoyed petting the dogs and cats, and feeding the chickens. Whenever there were animals around, Pop was all smiles. Here is Grammy with Cherub 5, playing tic-tac-toe ont he wipe-off board. It is a shame that the laughing and giggling cannot be "heard" in the photo.
Here is Pop, telling stories of his experiences in Germany, during World War 2. The Cherubs were in awe during the stories --- there is something incredible when you hear these stories first hand, from the man who experienced them. What a history lesson !!
One evening we went bowling. We had a grand time, laughing and laughing. DadToCherubs won the first game, and Pop won the second game. I have never seen Pop laugh so much ... at himself and everyone else too.
Grammy enjoyed sitting in the kitchen, with a warm mug of herbal tea, just "visiting". We tried to do this every evening after dinner -- the girls and I so enjoyed talking together and hearing Grammy's stories.
Below is Pop and Grammy ... Grammy in the rocker, which was one of her favorite spots, and Pop strolling around while the children were busy with their schoolwork. They seemed a bit skeptical about homeschooling, and were fascinated with the lessons the children were doing. We did scale back a bit, to allow more time for visiting, just focusing on core academics. But I think in the end, Grammy & Pop were impressed that school CAN be done successfully at home.
It so happened that the Grands were here on November 11th ... Veterans Day. We drove to the VFW to attend a lovely Memorial Service, followed by a luncheon of soups and sandwiches. Below is a photo of Pop visiting with another WW2 veteran who had also been in Germany with a different unit.
Tthe VFW arranged for a lovely "fly over" during the Memorial Service.

Here are Grammy & Pop, surrounded by various Cherubs, while we waited for the Memorial Service to begin.

One afternoon we visited the library. Grammy loves to read, and was able to pick a nice book from our library's Large Print section. She read the 300+ page book in 1 1/2 days --- WOW !!
We all really enjoyed the Grand's visit, and hope that they can come back again soon. We were honored to have them with us in Tennessee, and hope to have the priviledge again !

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Pam said...

Thank you for sharing these pics with us! Looks like they (and you) had a lovely time! How wonderful that they were able to be so loved on by all your cherubs, and that your cherubs were able to learn so much from them.