Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One More Mouth ....

What's one more pet, right ?
So far we have 18 hens, 2 horses,
2 dogs, 4 cats, 1 guinea pig .....
and now we have a
teeny tiny goat.
But this little goat has a story.
It was spotted along a road,
nearly hit by a car.
And then was there the
next day ... and the next.
Just wandering.
DadToCherubs spotted her
the first time, and it was
"goatie love at first sight."
DadToCherubs, incidently,

never had a pet of his very own.
There was a poodle once,
but it was really his mothers dog.
Not a goldfish, turtle, cat,
or dog of his very own.
And into adulthood,
he liked animals alright,
but never "loved"
a pet of his very own.

Until a certain little goat
caught his attention
one afternoon while
driving home.
He watched ... and watched ...
and she was by
the roadside day after day,
early and late,
rain and shine ....
nearly getting hit by
multiple passing cars.
So, after confirming that
she did not "belong"
in that area ....
well ...
he did what any
grown man who loves a
cute little goat would do ...
he brought her home.
He rescued her.
Upon her arrival,
she had a good (much needed !) bath,
and was dried with warm towels
fresh from the dryer.
She was given a nice little
stall in the barn, and
by day plenty of green-stuff
to munch.
She is as happy as
a goat can be.
She baaaaa's and baaaaa's
for him while wagging
her tiny tail.
She likes the rest of the family,
but she seems to know
who to thank for her rescue.
Her name is ZOE.
Our vet happens to be
coming in a few days
to give immunizations
and trim hoofs and claws ...
so we'll add her to the list of patients.
(She is having some
digestive tract issues.
Maybe worms ? And a good
check up will be in order too.)

What's another mouth to feed, right ?
And it's such an adorable little critter.
Who said dogs are man's best friend ?
The man of this house has
a special place in his heart for
a little tiny brown goat named Zoe.

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