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Prayer Request

In the side margin of our blog, we requested prayer for L.U. and for her family, who live nearby. Below is the story, written by L.U.'s father, concerning his daughter who was involved in a single-car accident almost 2 weeks ago. (I took the liberty of replacing names with initials.)

She is a miracle -- and while resting in the loving arms of Our Father, continues to improve.

Won't you please pray for her, and for her precious family ?

"It was a typical Tuesday! We were going about business as usual and making preparations to leave town on Thursday for a five day trip. When my wife, A, got that fateful call informing her that our 21 year old daughter, L, had been involved in an automobile accident, it was not the callous voice of a law enforcement officer she heard, nor was it the indifferent official notification given by a medical professional. No, when A received that call, it was the caring and loving voice of a dear sister in Christ who shares our love for L, and who has children of her own. Her words were tempered with wisdom and prudence, giving A the information we needed, but leaving out details which could have only added to A's anxiety. In this simple way, our Lord was so kind and merciful and it was truly the voice of Jesus A heard.

Shortly after the accident occurred, two men arrived on the scene. They had responded from the CW Fire Dept. They did all they could to protect and sustain our daughter until the ambulance arrived. These men were not simply doing their jobs - they are volunteers. They did this because they care, and in this way they are in Christ-like fashion, laying down their lives for their brother.

One of the paramedics from the ambulance, recognizing the possible severity of L's injuries felt compelled to offer up a prayer on her behalf. Yet another expressin of our Lord's love and compassion for His people.

There was a young lady who happened upon the accident scene as the paramedics were extricating L from the wreckage. She did all she could to assist and comfort our little girl. It just so happened that this lady, a complete stranger, is a qualified first responder and the ambulance crew allowed her to ride with L as they transported her to a location where the helicopter could land to meet them. The ambulance crew had apparently recognized that this lady was truly ministering to L's needs, and they wanted her along. Again our Lord, in His abundant love and kindness had sent this angel - a true minister of Jesus!

I was overwhelmed as friends, brothers, and sisters in Christ dropped all they were doing to gather around us in the hospital that first night. We were absolutely surrounded by love and concern ("As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so Yahweh surrounds His people"-Ps. 125:2). These angels sent by our loving Father prayed with us, encouraged us, and did all they could to bear our burden with us - and again - they were the hands, the feet, the voice of Jesus.

My dear mother arrived at our house at hardly more than a moments notice to care for our children while A and I were at the hospital. My big sister (yes, she still is!) showed up a little while later from out of state to help my mother help us! Yes - again - the hands and feet of Jesus!

Words cannot express the thankfulness which fills my heart for all that I've witnessed as days have rolled by. One brother retrieved our wrecked van and completely handled that part of the ordeal so that I didn't need to lift a finger in that regard.

Friends have rallied around us from around the country and abroad to keep L in constant prayer. Our Lord's precious servants have shown up at the hospital in a never ending stream to encourage and pray with us. Many have brought food to the hospital ministering to our physical needs as well. Some of our brothers and sisters have been so committed to "being there" for us that they have spent nights in the hospital with us. I have joked about their determination to share our pain, because sleeping in the waiting room recliners usually leaves me craving chiropractic therapy.

Other friends and brethren are taking turns preparing and delivering meals to our house for our family there. Such thoughtfulness and kindness comes from the heart of our Lord, Jesus.

Even the youngest of our Lord's servants have participated by sending cards, letters, pictures and various sorts of notes of encouragement for L.

One brother delivered hay to our home for L's horse. He knew that it was needed and I had not had the chance to take care of that - so he did! A man delivering hay? No - the hands and feet of Jesus - Hallelujah!!!

A sister established a website so that anyone who desired could keep a constant vigil on L's condition. This has enabled everyone to know exactly how to pray at any given time. It also has greatly reduced the amount of time A and I must spend on the telephone giving updates. Yes, we know who inspired that!

We have truly been ministered to in every way - spiritually, physically, and even financially. Every need has been met and we have only been praying for L's healing! Yes, I have seen Jesus in this.
Jesus has shown up to minister to us in the hospital regularly. I have seen Him in the faces of strangers who have heard of L's need through emails and prayer chains. They have taken time out from their busy lives and make the trek to the hospital to pray for our daughter, and to encourage, exhort, and edify us. His mercies are new every morning!!!

Believe it or not, it gets better. After the initial emergency surgery, the marathon began. The team of surgeons had dealt with L's internal bleeding by removing her spleen and packing the liver in place. She had multiple punctures in her lungs from her nine broken ribs. Other injuries were relatively minor for the most part. However, a substantial contusion to the left side of her head caused concern. A CT scan revealed no brain damage and the spinal cord was intact. The doctors counseled us to be prepared for what may be ahead. There could be blood clots, infections, pneumonia, or other potential hazards.

It has been one long day to me, so I'm not sure of time, but the blood and fluids were drained from the injured lungs, and other procedures were constantly performed. As sedation was withdrawn, doctors and/or other specialists gave L stimulation tests. She would move her legs and feet, even her head, but not her arms or hands. Eventually, when she should have been awake, she didn't seem able to snap out of her drug induced slumber. Another CT scan was administered and revealed several blood clots had made their way to L's brain. These blood clots had prevented oxygen from reaching areas of the brain. These areas atrophy, or die. The neurologists explained that these areas were in the front, rear, left and right regions of the brain. These "dead spots" in the brain were strokes and would result in neurological deficiencies. Just what functions and/or how many bodily functions would be impacted would be determined as L regained consciousness. We should be prepared for long term disabilities, possibly rehabilitation, etc., etc.. L would probably need to re-learn some things, and could have some disabilities for life.

But Yahweh GOD - the One who created L - the One who designed her body, had different plans for her. The Almighty One, who spoke the cosmos into being touched L's body, mind and spirit. Those circuits in the brain have been either re-routed and/or repaired by His hand. He has done what no surgeon made of flesh can do!

As L regained conscientiousness, she was mentally alert and responded to us. In short order she was moving her arms and most of the rest of her body. By the following day, not only could she move her hands, she could squeeze my fingers in hers. By the next day her strength was greatly improved and when she squeezed my fingers then I could only speak one word - HALLELUJAH!!! Jesus, my Lord - Yahshua (Yahweh's Salvation) had shown up again!

L has continued to become more alert and communicates better as time goes by. Because of tubes in her throat and so forth she can't speak and we are forced to attempt to read lips. She is sometimes frustrated when we can't figure out what she is saying. Regardless she has regained her smile and is mentally sharp!

My little girl has been returned to us whole, intact, restored in mind, body and spirit - HALLELUJAH (Praise Yahweh) - for His servants who have been so faithful to do His work. And Hallelujah, Praise Jesus for His Healing Touch!

Yes, from the very beginning of this ordeal until now, my Lord has been faithful. He has provided every need from the most basic and simple to the most profound. Through His loving body and ultimately by His divine touch He has abundantly supplied my family's needs. He healed my daughter and He calmed the storm in me!

If I had not believed in Jesus before, I would believe now. If someone asks why I believe, I can smile and say - I saw Jesus today!!!"

UPDATE: Saturday 10/24:
Well, it is Saturday! Hard to believe!!
They moved us into a real room this morning at 4:00am!! Shortly thereafter a doctor blazed in and removed L's trach!!! Today they have stopped all her remaining meds. She is down to her feeding tube and one central line. They will probably keep the central line a little longer because it is a way to draw blood without having to find a new vein each time.

L has really done well at at advancing daily. She has been out of the bed at least a half dozen times today. Each time she grows stronger.

A friend came today and polished her nails!!!

One interesting thing today . . . L was complaining earlier of her ear being stopped up and feeling pressure in it. When the doctor came in to check to see if maybe she had an ear infection he found a fairly good sized piece of glass in her ear canal. We were all amazed. He is going to get an ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat) doctor to make the necessary examinations to make sure there is nothing else in there.

She is counting the hours until her swallow test . . . she mentions eating several times a day!!! Love you all and keep praying! A

UPDATE: 10/29:
L.U. was discharged yesterday from the hospital. This morning, she is at home !! PRAISE GOD !!

Please continue to pray for L.U. as she adjusts to being at home again, and as she continues to recover from substantial injuries and also any residual effects from her strokes. Please pray for L.U. and her parents regarding decisions about potential heart issues resulting from the accident and surgeries.

L.U.'s progress thus far is nothing short of miraculous !! Our God is an awesome God !!

Also please continue to pray for the U family, for L.U.'s doctors, and for friends & family who have provided
(and who continue to provide) help for this precious family.

10/29: A Message From A.U., mother of L.U.:

Psalm 29 -
Ascribe to the Lord, O sons of the mighty, Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.
Ascribe to the Lord the glory due to His name; Worship the Lord in holy array.
The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; The God of glory thunders, The Lord is over many waters.
The voice of the Lord is powerful,
The voice of the Lord is majestic.
The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars; Yes, the Lord breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon.
And He makes Lebanon skip like a calf,
And Sirion like a young wild ox,
The voice of the Lord hews out flames of fire.
The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness; The Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.
The voice of the Lord makes the deer to calve, And strips the forest bare, And in His temple everything says, "GLORY!"
The Lord sat as King at the flood;
Yes, the Lord sits as King forever.
The Lord will give strength to His people; The Lord will bless His people with peace.

It is so wonderful to be home and yet again I am overwhelmed. While I have been at my "home away from home" the last 22 days . . . this home has been fully functional and then some!!! The amount of food in the house is amazing. I can't begin to thank all of you enough for your generosity!!!

Thanks to the C family, we have all the equipment we need for helping L to be comfortable here.

The kids are so happy to have Sissy home! G could not get close enough to her yesterday . . . of course, we were trying to keep him from getting "too close"!!!

I admit I have battled some fear as we are here and I try to get back to some amount of normalcy. And then, I "happened" upon the above Psalm this morning . . .

What an awesome Father we serve!!!
I HEAR you, LORD!!! Loud and clear!
And thank all of you yet again for the HUGE part you have played in this.

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