Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Thousand Gifts: Multitude Monday

681.  Gracious and knowledgeable paramedics.
682.  The University hospital.
683.  A wonderful med-student-resident in the ER.
684.  Modern medical technology showing the damage.
685.  Less damage than “last time”.
686.  Swallowing improving to about 75% of normal.
687.  Speech clearing slowly but surely.
688.  Eyes beginning to work together.
689.  Cherubs flying solo … working together.
690.  Dear friend L.E. sitting in the hospital, wrapping us in prayer and love.
691.  Thoughtful loving friends bringing meals and fun to the Cherubs.
692.  Tipping to the right side – but able to walk again.
693.  Leaves blowing in the wind.
694.  Gentle rains …
695.  God’s protection … the clots didn’t do massive damage …
696.  A flood of tears one morning … a cell number … a new beginning.
697.  Waking with a purpose … a direction …
698.  The courage to go there … butterflies in our tummies, not knowing … but trusting in Him.
699.  A gentle prod from a dear friend to go on … to speak … to take that last HUGE step …
700.  Healing tears … washing away bitterness and guilt … a flood.
701.  Hugs from dearly missed friends …
702.  Love given in spite of ourselves … and renewed.
703.  Eggs from the barn … warm toast with jam …
704.  Raking and blowing leaves with Cherubs – hard work keeps stress in check.
705.  Dust on his walker – he’s not needing to use it as much as before as his walking improves.
706.  Lighted candles at dinnertime.
707.  Freezer full of farm-raised beef.
708.  Daddy hugs … courageous Cherubs … hope.
709.  Movie night … as a family.
710.  A wonderful family doctor, who knows us, and truly cares.
711.  A new plan … for studying His Word … and a renewed commitment … as a family.
712.  Courage to trust that He will guide us … courage that’s been lacking lately …
713.  He continued to call to us, even as we went our own ways for a while … His love for us never left … never 
714.  Autumn breezes.
715.   Sled hill freshly mowed; anticipation of fun winter days coming.

To learn more, or to participate in One Thousand Gifts: Multitude Monday, visit Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience.

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Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Just saw that you have been through a very hard time. So glad that your husband is recovering well. I'm sure you have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Missy