Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update On DadToCherubs

Well, he's making progress. 

His swallowing is improving bit by bit, and his walking is a bit better day by day (although he still uses the walker a bit, esp outside and away from home). His speech is definitely clearer, but it's still a bit slurred and becomes more slurred as he gets tired. And thanks to a great doctors appt yesterday, I think he got the first decent night's sleep he's had since the strokes on 11/4. 

Now we just need physical therapy to start.  We've given up on getting speech therapy and occupational therapy in addition to PT (all ordered to be done "at home" by the hospital when he was discharged) -- apparently he "lost" those when he physically went to the doctors because his meds weren't working well and because his clotting factor was reallllllyyyyy high.   All I can figure is that our insurance company feels it can take better care of him from afar than his family doctor --- and that's why they want to manage his care ?!?!  Ugggggg.

THANKS FOR PRAYING !!  DadToCherubs is on the mend.  Our God is AWESOME.

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School for Us said...

I just saw your last few posts. I will pray for you husband right now! How wonderful that he is home! But, I know you all have a long road ahead.