Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Foster

Last year on this day, a baby dolphin was born at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. Here is our post from last year: when our wonderful cousin sent us an adorable photo of the baby dolphin. He eventually was named Foster because several of the adult female dolphins began nursing him spontaneously shortly after his birth despite not having had calves themselves (a neat "fact'oid" concerning dolphins).

In February 2008 we visited the National Aquarium in Maryland during our whirlwind NewEngland Tour, and we were able to see Foster "in person". There is a photo of him from that visit included in this blog post:

Then, today, our cousin sent us this message (and photo) from the National Aquarium:

Foster turned one year old today, and the Aquarium is celebrating (photo above) !

A variety of celebrations will take place all week to help mark this important milestone in our dolphin’s young life!

The dolphin trainers held a small birthday party for Foster last week, presenting him plenty of well wishes. The video was sent around to the news stations and is now posted on YouTube and our blog –

o Visitors can send special birthday wishes to

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