Friday, September 12, 2008

What Are We Up To ?

We have had a busy few weeks. Today marks the end of our second week of school. And we have been hard at work in the yard too.
Grandpa joined us for our BACK TO SCHOOL TIME dinner last Sunday (8/31).
Here is Bella GUARDING the school books --- she has not quite gotten used to everyone being inside for much of the day. So she gets lonesome !! It's a good thing our school room is large. HA !
Cherub 6 played with the tanagrams, first to build certain basic shapes, and then just to make designs for "fun".
Cherub 5 working hard.
With a house full of furniture, and a nice large school table complete with chairs, it seems odd that the floor is the "chosen" school spot for many of the children. (top to bottom: Cherub 2, Cherub 3, and Cherub 4)
School Time. Cherub 1 in the blue shirt, Cherub 2 at the little desk by the window, Cherub 3 and Cherub 4 working at the table, and Cherub 6 counting the "rectangles" in the room as part of his math.
Cherub 5 and cherub 6 making PADDLE DOLLS during their first week of Ancient History studies.
Cherub 6 is learning his letter sounds with the help of letter tiles.
Cherub 4 working on his math with Math U See.
Cherub 1 said he was getting a headache .... he is FRACTION-phobic. HA !! But afterwards, he says he LOVES Math U See and wishes we had switched some years ago.
*~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~
After school, we have been working in our vegetable garden. We have been hard at work pulling up our summer garden plants that are finished, pulling weeds, and re-tilling the soil ....
We have started planting our Fall garden. (we mulch each row heavily with straw which works SUPER well to conserve moisture and to keep weeds down -- the heavier the layer of straw, the better !)
Brocolli, Cauliflower, Cabbage ...
Various leaf-type lettuces ...
Spinach seeds ....
And several kinds of winter squash (butternut, acorn, spaghetti).

We are almost finished in the garden -- a few more plants to pull, a bit more weeding to be done, and a few more rows to plant. And then of course we will have to wait ... and pray this is NOT an early-frost year.
Finally, DadToCherubs and the 6 Cherubs have been busy as beavers cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood. We have almost half of our Winter's Supply .... and if the weather stays nice and cool like it has been lately, we should be able to get the rest ready long before the cold weather arrives.


Pam said...

Love all the school pics! And I am trying not to be envious of your fall/winter garden. Do you can?

Kris! said...

We have week 2 under our belt, too, and my ds#1 is also learning fractions, LOL! I also have my first year of a summer garden done, too. Your fall garden is inspirational, though I have to see when I would have to start that up here in MA...