Sunday, May 24, 2009

Family Bike Ride

I finally got my pictures to post !! HOORAY !!

On Monday evenings, one Cherubs gets to choose a family activity.
The activity must be free, and within a 20 minute drive from our home.
But otherwise, the sky is the limit.
On the first Monday (May 11) of this new adventure, Cherub 6 chose to visit the local Duck Park.
He wanted us to walk the trail and feed the ducks. We spent 2 hours walking, chatting, and feeding the ducks. A wonderful "family" evening.
And this past Monday (May 18) was Cherub 5's turn to choose -- and she chose to take all of our bikes to the Duck Park and ride on the trail. And of course we fed the ducks too.
We rode the trail several times -- we enjoyed the sunshine, the beauty of the wooded areas, the peace and serenity -- and we enjoyed a nice evening together.
DadToCherubs and I just started riding our bikes again in the last few weeks -- neither of us has ridden much since childhood. So, on Tuesday morning we were a bit stiff. ha !
Since our Duck Park ride, the Cherubs have thought of several more places where we can take our bikes and ride together. And in the mean while, DadToCherubs and I are trying to ride a little every day -- so that next time, we are not quite so uncomfortable the next day. HA !

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