Saturday, May 09, 2009

New Members Of The Family

When I was a freshman in highschool, I was given a 4week old orange tabby kitten with an "M" on his forehead. I named him MoonBeam. He slept right next to me for many years. He lived to be 18yo. And he has been dearly missed ever since ....

I thought I would get another orange kitten, although I never found another one with an M on it's forehead like Beam's. We adopted Oliver from some friends, but he disappeared shortly after our move here (after our housefire) and has not been seen since.

So, since then, we have not had another orange kitten / cat. We would look from time to time, in the newspaper and at the pound .... there weren't any to be had.

That is, until someone dumped a box containing 6 kittens at the door of the milking barn in the pouring rain (ARGGG - how can someone be so mean ?!?!) on Wednesday. There were two orange tabby kittens in the box ... and both had an "M" on their forehead. (Two other neighbors adopted all of the others.)

So --- of course we adopted them immediately.

After drying off and a good meal of kitten-formula soaked Kitten Chow, it appears they are healthy. One is a boy and one is a girl. And it appears that they are approximately 4 weeks old. We are working on litter training them, so they are limited to a small area of the house right now.

The next question --- what shall we name them ?
We decided on biblical names.

Miriam means "one who is longed for". She is lighter in color, and is very calm. She is also very verbal -- she "talks" whenever her eyes are open.
And Moses means "taken from the water". He is slight darker orange than his sister.
And he is the most adventurous.

Miriam and Moses are thriving -- they are loved, petted, cuddled, and pampered. It is difficult for the Cherubs to leave them alone when they are asleep -- they sleep A LOT. But in between those naps, well, they are so much fun !

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Daisyblend said...

In my experience orange tabbies are the most durable, patient cats around. We wanted one for our 4yr old's birthday and searched high and low! We finally found one (right in our town, via The lady said he was six weeks old but after we got him home I realized he was probably only 3 or 4 and not ready to leave his momma yet. But he's doing very well now. Nothing like fresh goat milk every morning.

Interesting that you have a female orange kitty. They're very rare. Most oranges are males.

Been good catching up on your blog! Glad you folks are enjoying your summer.