Friday, May 08, 2009

This Week's Fun

Money does not stretch very far these days !

But,on a whim, I splurged lately,
spending $12 total on a
few clearance items that I spotted ... ... and it was money well spent.
That $12 has provided
a full week's fun already.
And it's not over yet.
We have had many many rainy days
in the last month or more.
And with each approaching system,
the Cherubs would GRUMBLE ....
They were grumbling A LOT because
of the lack of nice weather.
But that has changed now ....
because with all of the weather systems
coming and going,
there has also been a lot of wind !!
Wind means KITE WEATHER !!
The Cherubs have spent
every free non-rainy moment
outside flying kites this week.
And what a grand time they've had !
I think next week we might try making
some kites of our own.

1 comment:

*Julia* said...

Fun! I love flying kites! Check out my blog to see what we have been doing this week! :)