Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Opening Day

We have been ahead of schedule for some projects this year, and also a bit behind schedule in other things this year. But as of this morning, I think we are "caught up". Time will tell though, won't it ?!?!
One example of our lateness is that just yesterday we finally managed to get the winter and summer clothing swapped out. So now we have shorts and bathing suits at the ready. And it's not a moment too soon as we are supposed to have daytime temperatures in the high 90's later this week. Yikes !
Another example of our late start this year --- DadToCherubs finally had time enough to get the pool assembled last evening. We filled the pool last night and got the water ready ....
So this morning, bright and early, the Cherubs donned their bathing suits and were clamoring to get into the pool. After feeding and watering the pets, doing a few morning chores, and eating breakfast, we were unable to hold them back any longer.
Summer + Swimming Pool + Sunshine = FUN FUN FUN

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