Monday, June 08, 2009

A Visit To The Lost Sea

While Granddad and Auntie Idggy were visiting this past weekend, we visited The Lost Sea . We loved the caves and the history -- our tour guide did a fantastic job.

One particularly funny moment happened as the tour guide was explaining that there are a few real ferns and mosses growing deep in the cave despite a lack of their appropriate growing conditions. The cave is moist, so they had adapted to getting moisture and nourishment from the moist air rather than the cave. And they are apparently using the artificial lights used to light the trails for photosynthesis. Someone asked the tour guide just how the seeds came to be so deep in the cave. The tour guide explained that people traveling from outdoors to the interior of the caves often have tiny seeds on their shoes or clothing, and also some pollen, and so the seeds and pollen are spread in this extraordinary manner. Just after the tour guide finished his explanation, Cherub 6 looked up at me with a huge silly grin and said "We're paw-win-nate-ers" (pollinators). He thought that was quite funny (and I did too because we finished out Botany course some monthes ago).

These signatures inside the cave date back to before and during the Civil War -- look at that beautiful penmanship ! HA !

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