Monday, June 08, 2009

Our Visit To Fort Loudon

The last place we took Auntie Iddgy and Granddad was Fort Loudon, which is a fort built around the time of the French & Indian War in a vital part of Cherokee country.

We packed a picnic lunch and then toured the fort, where we met an Indian Maiden re-enactor who taught the Cherubs to make corn husk dolls, and where we also met 2 British Soldier re-enactors who spent a lot of time teling us all about the people who lived there and about the weapons the soldiers used, ending with a test-fire. It was all very interesting.

We ended our visit to Fort Loudon with some swimming in the beautiful lake, which everyone enjoyed.

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Lori said...

I have wanted to visit there for years. Looks like you all have been very busy. We are looking forward to coming out in a week or two. You may have to remind me of the time. Love ya. Lori
(The manure is ready ha ha and truthfully my plants look better already. Isn't living on a dairy farm handy?)