Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camping Trip

Master B jumping off the concrete platform into the deep deep water. This platform was a Pirate Hideaway for most of the day -- a great game enjoyed by all of the children ! (The concrete platform is actually part of the Earth Dam built by the Army Corps of Engineers some years ago.)
Our silly girls, full of giggles.
Cherub 6 waiting to fish.
Cherub 3 enjoying a snack.
All of this fun, and more, was when DadToCherubs took all of the Cherubs and Master B (neighbor's son) camping.
They decided to camp across the road by the Big Lake, rather than heading into the mountains to a campground.
They fished.
There was a campfire with hotdogs and s'mores, and to keep everyone warm during the unseasonably cool evenings.

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Lori said...

Maybe we can still get our trip together in. Sarah and Kenny have had the flu and we had two birthdays this week. Maybe in the fall?