Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What's Happening Here ?

DadToCherub's brother Uncle B and

his friend Miss C came to visit for the

July 4th weekend.
(Uncle B's shirt is black & DadToCherubs's shirt is red.)
We took Uncle B and his friend to
BR Falls to swim one afternoon.
He and DadToCherubs helped
our Cherubs shoot off fireworks
and firecrackers.
And we attended the "big" fireworks show
at the park on the 4th.
We camped out here at home one weekend
with our dear friends, The H family.

Good friends, delicious hamburgers, s'mores,

playing, swimming ....

Truly, a wonderful time was had by all !

Thank you H family for coming !!
Let's camp again soon !!
Cherub 6 helped bring in many bales of hay.
There are so many bales spread all over the farm.
It's quite a sight !
If you did not already know,
Cherub 6 has a deep love of tractors !!

Cherub 1, Cherub 3, and Cherub 4
went to a Boy Scout meeting for the first time.
They has a grand time meeting new friends,
learning about Scouts, and learning to play
Ultimate Frisbee.
They are looking forward to attending
more meetings, and to possibly
joining the troop.
They tell me that they are getting acquainted,
and are praying for guidance about Scouts.
In between all of the visitors and adventures,
we have been busy swimming, playing,
picking blackberries, shooting baskets,
baking cookies and bread,
visiting with friends, reading good books,
catching and releasing fire flies,
identifying new nature finds,
hiking, fishing, and many other
"summertime" activities.

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