Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our School Room

Over the course of two weeks,
we have been working on our school room ---
planning, reorganizing supplies,
sorting and shelving books, and more.
We have worked hard, getting ready for the
new school year that is quickly approaching.
Only 2 weeks to go !

We touched up holes and repaired cracks.
Then I primed and painted the whole room.
This is the last room in the house
that had not been painted,
and it was really in need of a fresh coat.
Something cheery and bright, warm and cozy.
Creative. Inspiring.

The first 4 photos (above) are BEFORE photos
of our school room -- one photo taken from
each corner of the room.
The room "worked" but was not very "inspiring" --
shelves, maps, books, chairs. A place to do school --
but not a place we "chose" to be unless
we HAD something to do in there.
* * * * * *
The next 4 photos (below) are AFTER photos --
after the cleaning, reorganizing, priming, painting,
and rearranging. What a difference !
The school room is bright, cozy, and warm.
It is now set up to work better for our family.
It's funny -- we keep finding ourselves
"hanging out" in the new and improved
school room now. HA !
(The 6 cork boards above the couch will be for tacking up Nature Finds
-- leaves, flowers, etc -- but obviously they are empty right now.)
DadToCherubs has yets to remove the ceiling fan
to install a better
(aka brighter) light fixture.
He promised to do it today.
(new light fixture sitting on hearth)


Mrs. H said...

Looks great! I wish I had the extra space for a school room - if only just to store things in!

Taylor said...

Awesome! Great Job

Lisa said...

I like it!

Lori said...

You are a maniac ...a hard worker. I am always excited to see the remodeling. Expect a surprise pop in visit from us. Love, Lori

3'sacharm said...

awesome!! We start tomorrow!! wahoo!!

Daisyblend said...

I love it! Charming, functional... Very inviting.