Saturday, September 26, 2009

Heavy Rain

So far we have had 4" of rain TODAY ...
after nearly 6" of rain over 7 days
last week. Things are really soggy !
They say they have not seen the water
this high on this bridge in many years.
And that they are expecting the water
to top this overpass by the morning.
That will cut off "the falls" and the
upper parts of our area.
These first 4 photos are of the river where
we love to play and swim.
Obviously, it's much too rough
to play in today !
And the rain from the higher mountains
hasn't even begun to come down yet.
It's going to be rough for a while.
Normally this rope swing,
at the icecream place,
hangs several feet from the
top of the water.
Today it looked to be at least 2ft under.
The roar of the water today was
soooooo loud !!
On Wednesday, some dear friends joined us
to play in the river (at the icecream place).
Some of the older children waded a bit
downstream, going from big rock
to big rock.
Those big rocks were no where
to be seen today, as the water
rushed over them.
It rained had like this for most of today --
above is the end of our barn,
with a "waterfall" off the side.
Thankfully, no water made it
into the barn itself.
Heavy equipment on the move in town.
A local restaurant's parking lot
nearly flooded.
And the road into it was
closed with 2ft or more
of water over it.
We were supposed to go to the home
of friend's this evening to play.
But when we stopped for gas
and heard the local "road" conditions
and heard that more flooding was
expected, we turned around to
head back home.
We did not want to get stranded,
unable to get to our home.
Hopefully tomorrow we will
be able to get out of town for church.
The rain is filling much depleted wells
and the water table after 3 years of rain.
But as of right now, our area has had
over 9" of rain in the last 10 days.
Things are going to be squishy
for quite a while ... maybe
a break in the rain would be nice ?

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