Monday, September 21, 2009

More Rain ?

God blessed us with wonderful weather during our move. Sunshine, mild temperatures, and slight cool breezes. And we are thankful.

We finished moving last Saturday, bringing the last load to the new house just in time for dinner.

And on Sunday, the flood gates opened ... or so it seems. It has been raining almost constantly since last Sunday. Some heavy downpours. Some light sprinkles. Steady rains. And some spotty showers.

My rain gauge has yet to be installed, but our "guess" is that we have had close to 3" of rain in the past 7 days.

Just this morning a Flood Watch was issued for our area .... telling us to expect 1"-3" of additional rain to fall today.

We know this rain is good for the fields, good for the trees, good for the wildlife, and good for the wells. But we admit that all these cloudy days and rainy weather are causing us to feel a little "dreary" .... or is it "drippy".

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