Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time To Share The Big News

Grandma Moses' "Moving Day"

(view from front door)
Our BIG NEWS is ...
we have moved.
No, not our blog home ...
but our real home !
If you had asked us
3 weeks ago
if we were moving,
we would have laughed.
We had finally finished painting,
and were settling in for the
coming fall and winter.
But situations arise in life
that force us to act.
Simply put,
there were circumstances
that were beyond our control,
in which our family could not
continue to live.
Thomas Paine said it best,
in Common Sense,
"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong,
gives it a superficial appearance of being right."

Just over 2 weeks ago,
and I prayed together
concerning the situation
we were facing.
"Lord, if we are to move from here,
throw the doors open wide.
And if we are to remain here,
close them up tight."
Let's just say that the Lord
not only opened the door,
but threw it open wide,
rolled out a red carpet,
and hung a WELCOME flag
when we visited this place.
And after the fastest move
in history (ha !), we are completely
moved into our new home.
We arrived with the last "load"
Saturday evening around 6pm.
We had a CELEBRATION dinner
after unhitching the trailers --
hotdogs and s'mores over a campfire.
The horses are settled, enjoying
their own clean private pastures
and a beautiful barn.
The dogs are enjoying the calm
and the lack of "traffic".
The chickens are loving
their new "free range" lifestyle.
And our 4 cats are safe and sound,
busily pouncing and exploring,
without risk of being chased
or eaten by farm dogs.
The Cherubs are enjoying
their new found privacy.
They have a grand new "fort"
in the loft of the barn, complete with
furniture and lights.
They are looking forward to spending
rainy afternoons up there !!
And they are delighted to be able to explore
unencumbered and unrestricted.
Initially, they did not relish the thought
of moving from the old farmhouse.
Then they came to visit the new place --
after which they couldn't pack
and load fast enough.
Who could've imagined ?!?!
Even Cherub 6 was ready
to say "goodbye"
to the tractors and the farm.
DadToCherubs and I are at peace.
No more inconsiderate neighbors.
No more "farm drama".
No more old farmhouse, with it's "quirks".
He is thrilled with the privacy,
and of course with the DSL internet.
He has found a perfect hammock spot,
and is looking forward to cookouts
and picnics in the screened room.
I am looking forward to using the beautiful
garden spot to grow more vegetables,
harvesting pecans and fruit from these trees,
nurturing my flowers and watching them bloom,
as well as raising and teaching our children
in this spectacular Masterpiece
created by God.
He opened the doors wide ...
and it is lovely indeed !
Cherub 3 said, as he peered at the mountains
from the front doorway, last evening:
"I shall never tire of this view."
God is so good !


5buntings said...

So happy for you! I'm sure you gave that old house some very happy memories.

Lori said...

Hope to be out soon and hope you can find a little time to rest. Lori

Pure Perseverance said...

The Lord has truly blessed you and your family! You listened and was obedient to Him and WOW! Your reward was great!

May your home continued to be filled with laughter, praise, and love!

The Ties that Bind Us said...

Beautiful! Simply beautiful.

grandmama potter said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see your pics after you put your own touch on the new place. And can't wait to read some more blogging from Beck's Bounty!!

Taylor said...

Congatulations...How exciting! :D