Monday, July 19, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

501.  Sweet sweet rain, and passing thunderstorms.
502.  Coffee brewing … quiet time.
503.  Yellow and white kernels … melted butter … delicious !
504.  Buckets of red “sunshine” --- fresh picked tomatoes.
505.  Family workdays; jobs well done rewarded by cold refreshing popsicles.
506.  Shopping lists … books to buy … pencils, pens, notebooks.
507.  Sparkling clean windows at sunrise.
508.  Empty hampers … the conquering of Mt. Laundry.
509.  Loving pups at our feet (Bella and Maggie).
510.  Fresh Cotton scented candle.
511.  Ink and paper stacked, waiting, for school plans to be made ready.
512.  Visits with dear friends.
513.  Orchard grass hay --- oh the sweet scent.
514.  Horses munching and crunching.
515.  Through the windows, the scent of freshly mowed grass.
516.  Homemade pizza, crafted by Cherub 3.  The best pizza I’ve ever had !
517.  Watching Cherub 2 ride again; her grief is lifting, and so is Cinnamon’s.
518.  Morning winnies – our horses say Good Morning as we enter the barn.
519.  Radar … watching storms approach … and pass.
520.  Polished stainless steel gleaming – a clean kitchen.
521.  Picnics at the lake with friends.
522.  Quick trips to the river nearby to swim … cool down … play.
523.  Line-dried sheets at bedtime.
524.  Pens to mark, and White Out handy just in case.
525.  Kittens purring … playing … snuggling.  How precious.

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