Thursday, July 29, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

526.  Freshly mowed grass.
527.  Sliced sun-ripened tomatoes on home-baked bread.
528.  Nest of baby birds.
529.  Girl’s riding lessons.
530.  Spishing and splashing in the lake on hot afternoons.
531.  Blooming bee balm.
532.  Cloud-watching with Cherubs.
533.  Swimming at the lake.
534.  Cherubs building sandcastles lake-side.
535.  Rock-skipping contests.
536.  Climb the tree .. grab the rope .. swing down .. SPLASH !!
537.  Drippy icecream cones.
538.  Cousins visit at our farm from Maryland.
539.  Piles of new school books – oh the plans we have !!
540.  Watching Sunny roll and play in the stall in the freshly-spread sawdust.
541.  Homeschool Expo – lunch with a friend – visiting, browsing, and shopping.
542.  Completed reorganizing project – our home library.
543.  Storm clouds gathering on hot afternoons.
544.  Freshly mowed pastures.
545.  Farrier’s visit – manicures for horses.  HA !

I was running a bit behind this week in posting this.
Too much crazy summer fun ... 
and far more than "one thousand" gifts ...
I am reminded so often that I am blessed beyond measure
by Him who loves me so completely.

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