Sunday, October 17, 2010

Horse'n Around

On Saturday we FINALLY had almost a whole
day at home.  And the bareback pads we'd
ordered arrived ....

No one had been riding since
Applejack and Button arrived.
We'd been giving all 4 horses a chance
to settle ... to sort our their herd order ...
and have been "bonding"
with Applejack and Button.

So yesterday afternoon, Cherub 2
and Cherub 5
got our the bridles and the new
bareback pads ....
and took their first rides
on the new horses.
Cherub 5 rode Button.
And Cherub 2 rode Applejack first,
and then took a few spins on
Cinnamon and Sunny watched ...
and got lots of pets and love.

Everyone had a great time.
(photos taken with my phone, because
I totally forget to bring my camera
out to the pasture.  Ugggg.)

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