Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

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646.  Crockpot of beef stew.
647.  Homemade bread; Cherub 3 is quite a talented baker.
648.  Tractor in the field – and Cherub 6’ smile.  He loves tractors !
649.  Freshly mowed pastures.
650.  Freshly mowed golden fields around town, speckled with round bales.
651.  Math lessons without errors.
652.  Cozy sweaters on chilly mornings.
653.  Stalls of fresh shavings – pine fresh.
654.  Chicken soup IS good for the soul.  And good for dinner too.
655.  Giggles with Cherubs.
656.  Reading Dr. Seuss …again.  Those stories never lose their “magic”.
657.  Great weekend for camping – crisp, cool, but not cold.  And no rain.
658.  Three boys (and DadToCherubs) who had a grand time at the Camporee.
659.  Texting helps my memory.  HA !
660.  Deep conversations with our teens; their perspectives, their dreams.
661.  Herbal teas to soothe Cherub’s fall allergies.
662.  Cluck cluck of chickens roaming about.
663.  Laundry is eternal – but is, for now, caught up again.
664.  Exchanging flip flops for boots, shorts for jeans, t-shirts for sweaters.
665.  Apologia’s Astronomy with our 3 younger Cherubs.
666.  Autumn’s wildflowers – ironweed, goldenrod.  How lovely.
667.  Hauling a horse trailer to Crossville to pick up horses; no issues.
668.  Picking up Applejack and Button, to bring them home.
669.  Standing by, watching, as Cinnamon and Applejack sort things out.
670.  Watching as Cherub 2 enters the field, and Applejack comes to her side.
671.  Brushing “our” new horses – bonding time.
672.  Morning winnies from Sunny in the barn – Good Morning, she says.
673.  Peppermint tea before bedtime
674.  We’re never too old for bedtime stories.  Right now we’re reading Misty of Chincoteague (Marguerite Henry).
675.  Watching Cherub 1 sink into his studies with joy – Oceanography, Ecology, Natural Science.
676.  Cherub 6’s excitement as he heads to Boxing lessons.
677.  Bella’s new haircut  - clean and fresh (but might need her coat).
678.  Being loved, honored, cherished by my husband … every day.
679.  Horsemanship lessons … gaining confidence … a trusted teacher to guide.
680.  Alarm clocks on sleepy mornings.

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