Monday, October 25, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

681.  Girls + friends + sleepover = Lots of Giggles and Smiles.
682.  Dear friend coming to check on our injured horse.
683.  Successful last horse show of the season for SVHC.
683.  Volunteering for 4H Fundraising.
684.  Rain.
685.  Bareback pads for comfy riding.
686.  Herd order sorted out – peace prevailing.
687.  Soft eyes, two ears up – happy horses.
688.  Friend’s recommendation for Dr. S (vet) as our vet is away.
689.  Dr. K.S.’s visit for Applejack’s eye – lots of meds, and a hopeful prognosis.
690.  Dumma’s surprise weekend visit.
691.  Watching my mom smile while hanging out with Button.
692.  Hearing my mom say “Yes, MY little pony.”  She loves her Button.
693.  Cherub 2 napping on Applejack’s back – a beautiful bond has begun.
694.  Smiling Cherubs while learning to work with our horses.
695.  Fall cleaning completed ahead of schedule.
696.  Polar Bear Play Time (our 2 Great Pyrs playing together)
697.  We are “in the swing” of our school routine now.
698.  Fun camping trip with Scouts for DadToCherubs and the boys.
699.  Protection of L.E. (dirt bike accident, hospital, minimal injuries, home resting).
700.  Freezer stocked with farm-raised beef.
701.  Basket filled with  fresh apples.
702.  Orchard Grass Hay – loving the soft scent !!
703.  Homemade bread baking – is there anything that smells better ?
704.  Coffee in the morning.
705.  The fall colors are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.
706.  Acorns, chestnuts, pecans --- pockets full of fall.
707.  Local fields and haying time.
708.  Nearing the end of lawnmowing season.
709.  Enzamatic Therapy’s Beef Liver Extract.
710.  Our new Homeschool Group.
711.  It’s almost Election Day.
712.  Aloe plant on the window sill.
713.  Sweet, silly cats … laughing Cherubs who love them dearly.
714.  The honor of praying for our vet (Dr. M) who is in Africa, serving Our Lord.
715.  Applejack’s eye seems to be improving, bringing great comfort to Cherub 2.

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