Friday, July 30, 2010


"Oh ! If I were a leaf upon a tree
I'd live my life so happily !
I'd grow up to be green and big,
unless of course I was a twig.
A twig with a leaf upon my end ...
then that leaf could be my friend !"

Today I am in the throws of MAJOR back-to-school reorganizing.  
And as I was sorting, I found this precious poem scribbled on some crumpled scratch paper,
tucked away hastily in a drawer many "moons" ago.  I wonder if the author even remembers ....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

526.  Freshly mowed grass.
527.  Sliced sun-ripened tomatoes on home-baked bread.
528.  Nest of baby birds.
529.  Girl’s riding lessons.
530.  Spishing and splashing in the lake on hot afternoons.
531.  Blooming bee balm.
532.  Cloud-watching with Cherubs.
533.  Swimming at the lake.
534.  Cherubs building sandcastles lake-side.
535.  Rock-skipping contests.
536.  Climb the tree .. grab the rope .. swing down .. SPLASH !!
537.  Drippy icecream cones.
538.  Cousins visit at our farm from Maryland.
539.  Piles of new school books – oh the plans we have !!
540.  Watching Sunny roll and play in the stall in the freshly-spread sawdust.
541.  Homeschool Expo – lunch with a friend – visiting, browsing, and shopping.
542.  Completed reorganizing project – our home library.
543.  Storm clouds gathering on hot afternoons.
544.  Freshly mowed pastures.
545.  Farrier’s visit – manicures for horses.  HA !

I was running a bit behind this week in posting this.
Too much crazy summer fun ... 
and far more than "one thousand" gifts ...
I am reminded so often that I am blessed beyond measure
by Him who loves me so completely.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The newest edition of the
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Pondering Our Trials, And Praying ....

"Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."

James 1:2-4

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

501.  Sweet sweet rain, and passing thunderstorms.
502.  Coffee brewing … quiet time.
503.  Yellow and white kernels … melted butter … delicious !
504.  Buckets of red “sunshine” --- fresh picked tomatoes.
505.  Family workdays; jobs well done rewarded by cold refreshing popsicles.
506.  Shopping lists … books to buy … pencils, pens, notebooks.
507.  Sparkling clean windows at sunrise.
508.  Empty hampers … the conquering of Mt. Laundry.
509.  Loving pups at our feet (Bella and Maggie).
510.  Fresh Cotton scented candle.
511.  Ink and paper stacked, waiting, for school plans to be made ready.
512.  Visits with dear friends.
513.  Orchard grass hay --- oh the sweet scent.
514.  Horses munching and crunching.
515.  Through the windows, the scent of freshly mowed grass.
516.  Homemade pizza, crafted by Cherub 3.  The best pizza I’ve ever had !
517.  Watching Cherub 2 ride again; her grief is lifting, and so is Cinnamon’s.
518.  Morning winnies – our horses say Good Morning as we enter the barn.
519.  Radar … watching storms approach … and pass.
520.  Polished stainless steel gleaming – a clean kitchen.
521.  Picnics at the lake with friends.
522.  Quick trips to the river nearby to swim … cool down … play.
523.  Line-dried sheets at bedtime.
524.  Pens to mark, and White Out handy just in case.
525.  Kittens purring … playing … snuggling.  How precious.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Multitude Monday: One Thousand Gifts

467.  Wet cool rain falling, after over 4 weeks of hot, dry, and drought.
468.  Van repaired – and running great again.  God provides.
469.  Sweet Smokie – that beautiful face greeting us every morning.
470.  Five days and nights in the barn with Smokie, begging her to “just hold on”.
471.  A friend volunteering in the dark hours.  And our vet of 12 years in touch the whole time, and here whenever we needed him.
472.  Gorgeous red maples …. Knowing that was “it” … as the battle waged on.
473.  Our horse trainer, and dear friend, stopping in to encourage us.
474.  Hours spent stroking Smokie’s precious face …. Oh those beautiful eyes.
475.  Being trusted by such a large creature … her sweet willingness to endure.

476.  Those final hours … waiting for the vet … praying for the strength to “know” when it was time.  And knowing our vet was praying right along with us.
477.  Heart-weary oldest daughter who had to bear it all with many tears… she who rests in Him, knowing he created this incredibly beautiful creature just for her, just for this time …. The privilege of holding her hand as she matured through these challenging emotional days.
478.  Trusting Our Father that this pain, this heartache, has a purpose …. We never doubted His work.
479.  Gracious and Noble …. Our vet’s words, describing Smokie …. 
480.   Watching Smokie slowly lose the battle despite our best efforts … and knowing that because of this battle, because He brought her into our lives, that we are stronger, wiser, braver … all because we clung to Him, begged Him to guide us, to show us.
481.  Hearts drawn closer to Our Lord …. Even in adversity.  Praise God.
482.  A month long visit with our nephew.  We pray we were a blessing to him.
483.  God’s protection at Summer Camp, for DadToCherubs and our boys.
484.  Cool rivers, rushing waterfalls, sparkling lakes – summer time fun !
485.  Trips to the lake with friends.  Splashing, sandcastles, and picnics.
486.  Giggling girls … a tent pitched in the yard … how sweet.
487.  Colors of summer – black eyed susans blooming, pink watermelon juice on chins, lemonade in glasses of sparkling ice.
488.  Feathered friends at the bird feeders – He is the Master Artist.
489.  Dragging out my sketchbook, for the first time in yearsssssssss.
490.  Miss Fancy Pants growing by leaps and bounds … such a wonderful horse.
491.  Watching Cinnamon search for her friend of 10 or more years …. sharing her crying pain … then joining together as we move forward … to LIVE.
492.  Watching Cherub 2 bathe and feed and care for them …. Beautiful equines … gifts from above.
493.  Dear friend and teacher – helping us push on – varying the lessons, encouraging, sharing her heart’s memories.  Such a blessing to our battle-weary hearts.
494.  Cartons of eggs freshly gathered … bountiful breakfasts.
495.  Walks in the cool woods on steamy hot days …. Trees, mosses, grasses … a Master Artist, he is indeed.
496.  School days coming soon … lists made … orders soon to be made … plans slowly taking shape.  Could it be so soon that we will begin again ?
497.   Surprise:  the call to town, the superintendent’s visit … city water is already on site … just waiting to be connected, to give our weary well a much needed break.  God Provides …. Again and again.
498.  Icecream cones at the “beach” … while dipping our toes in the cool river.  Delicious.
499.  Cherub 1’s care of the family --- his stepping forward, laundry, cooking, keeping things in order --- a leader in the making.  Praise God for his generous, thoughtful spirit.  We might’ve been lost, and hungry, and dirty, without his enormous help during the battle.
500.  Eye exams … new glasses … vision coverage … sweet Dr. C …

Saturday, July 10, 2010

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Tough Summer

It's nearly mid July already !!
Where did the time go ?!?!

We manged to get school wrapped up
and the garden mostly planted ...
and then our summer exploded.
In between visitors, we had car issues,
squash bugs, a very sick horse, well issues ....
Let's just say that there haven't exactly been
a lot of lazy summer days this year.

So, we're taking some time off, 
blogging and otherwise, 
simply to collect ourselves ....

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