Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bella Is Home

After 4 days of "running wild" and being gone, we were very worried that our beloved dog was never going to come home again. We called and searched, talked to neighbors ... and some loving neighbors even helped in the search. Finally Bella did come home on Monday night around 10p. She was beyond filthy and smelled horribly, and was starving after apparently not eating for the four days that she was "away". She spent the night in the bathroom so that she would not get away from us again before we could get her to the vet.

So bright and early on Tuesday morning Bella went to the vet ... this was her first visit to the vet. Normally our vet comes TO our house to see our animals, but for surgery we had to go elsewhere. She went to be boarded until her surgery appt (Wed morning) ... and for a MUCH NEEDED bath and grooming appointment.

On Wednesday her surgery went well, and they did her bath and grooming while she was still "out cold" from her surgery. We called to check on her, and they said she was resting comfortably.

So today DadToCherubs went to pick her up at the vet .... she was overjoyed to see him.

Daisy was so excited to see Bella again - she missed her friend dearly. They spent a bit of time this evening napping together. (Photo above of Bella's SMILE, and a photo of Bella and Daisy resting together after Bella's "walk".)

And tonight, she is so happy to be home with her family again, and she is happy to be so clean ... and we are very happy about those things too (esp the clean part after her "appearance" and "smell" on Monday night - YIKES !). She is sedated so that she will be calm while she is in the house for a few days for recovery - generally she absolutely hates to be inside.

She can start going outside for a few minutes at a time tomorrow, and grandually more and more over the next few days. And the vet said she will be back to her "same old self" next week sometime. Now we just hope that "running wild" is not going to be a habit for her. We shall see.
Update Feb 23: This morning we gave Bella her meds and she roamed around the house "visiting" with the children. Around 10am we noticed her incision was a little pulled apart ... and by 11am it was completely open. YIKES !! So we called the vet, and took Bella back to see the doctor. They knocked her out again and sutured her incision line. And we went back to pick her up around 4pm. She is now home AGAIN and is resting (sedated) in the bathroom for the night.
SideNote: While waiting for our turn at the vet today, we had a few funny experiences. Bella is HUGE of course, and freshly groomed she is beautiful too. People remarked at how pretty she was, and how big, but mostly they remarked how even tempered and sweet natured she was. Several little "purse-sized" dogs came in while we were waiting ... they would glance at her, and then get all hunch-backed while growling, barking, snarling at Bella one after the other. And what did Bella do ?? She looked the other way, as if to say "oh yeah - whatever" or she would simply put her head in my lap (she secretly dreams of being a lap dog) and would look up at me as if to say "can you believe this ?". She never even gave so much as a mean look to another animal. She did get a bit "concerned" when a hurt dog was whimpering, but it was completely a reaction of wanting to help rather than anything aggressive. Even the Vet said "I have never met a mean Great Pyrenees ... they are truly Gentle Giants." Well, as long as you are not touching one of their flock, anyway. HA !!

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