Monday, February 12, 2007

More Water Woes

Our hotwater heater is leaking (for several weeks, but getting worse) ... and is in the process of being replaced. The good news ... we have finally located the leak after thinking it was the washer, supply lines, faucets, drain line, and such .... and the other good news is that since we have to replace it, we are "upsizing" our hotwater heater to 80 gal instead of 50 gal .... hot water always being a much-sought-after commodity in a big family.

Maybe after this our Water Woes will be over at least for a while ?!?!?
Update: Feb 13, 2007
The new hot water heater was installed last evening (Thank you David !). And so far, not 1 drop of water anywhere it does not belong ... so it seems everything is fixed. HOORAY !!

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