Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Project Completed: Big Boys Room

We moved the children's rooms around last Spring, with the promise to paint the Big Boys and Girls rooms "soon". Well, perhaps a year can be interpreted as "soon" ??

We finally painted (white - for brightness because living in the woods, in the summer our house is SO dark) the Big Boys room, and cleaned and reorganized it. It turned out SO nice. All we have left to do is to move their table and chairs in there (to use as a "desk" for school lessons), and make 2 simple valances for their windows. Hopefully we can get to that today. We even hung the "BUMP" sign that Cherub 1 found on a trip to the "Junkyard". The boys thought the sign was so neat !!

Next project: Girls room to be painted. I have spot-primed and patched holes ... now just to find some time to paint.

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