Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lessons At Church

Since returning to St. Mary's, our children have really enjoyed Sunday School and CCD. And Cherub 6 loves it too ... we were not sure he would since he has never been in any type of "school" setting before. But his teachers have known him since before he was born - HA !! Actually the ladies who teach his class are women we have known for 10 years now - can you believe it ?? The lead teacher in Cherub 6's class is the same teacher who taught Cherub 1 (now nearly 13yo) when he was 4-5yo too. The teacher has spent more than a few minutes telling Cheurb 6 all about his Big Brother (Cherub 1) when he was just a little guy. Cherub 1 actually "escorted" Cherub 6 to his classes the first few weeks ... in case he was a little nervous (which he WAS but would not admit). What a kind gesture from Big Brother !!

Above is a photo of Cherub 1 at Sunday school. He was busy cutting out little Sheep, as the lesson was about The Shepherd .... and he really enjoyed the lesson and the activity, but was a bit annoyed that I asked him to pause for a photo. (no "photo smile" here - HA !!)

And one more funny story relating to church this week. Cherub 2 went to Mass and CCD with Cherub 1 and I on Wednesday evening. After Mass Cherub 1 goes to class, so I thought it might be a few "private" minutes for Cherub 2 and I to talk. She has been having a bit of trouble lately with Cherub 5 "annoying" her. Ahhhh - sisters !! Anyway, one of the ladies at church overheard Cherub 2 and I talking about what it means to be sisters, and about the current struggles between our girls .... and this lady came over to talk to Cherub 2. She went on to say that she distinctly recalled the daily prayers offered by Cherub 2 when Mom was pregnant with Cherub 5 because she was a Helper in Cherub 2's Sunday school class back then .... those prayers to God from Cherub 2 (at age 4yo) asking and nearly begging for a little sister. At the time, Cherub 2 wanted to name her "maybe" baby sister FLOWER, and this lady still remembered that detail too. Cherub 2 never missed a morning or evening Prayer time with her request. Anyway, this lady also went on to remind Cherub 2 that Cherub 5 is the little sister that she prayed for (an answered prayer and an awesome blessing !) ... and that perhaps a softening of her own heart might just restore their "relationship" rather than convincing Cherub 5 to "change" in some way when she is only 7yo (instead of 11yo like Cherub 2). We talked a bit more, and then it was time to come home. I was not sure we had "resolved" the issue even temporarily, but our time was up. So I put it on my "sometime soon" mental list, and drove home. We did chores and cleaned up and went through the bedtime routine here at home. So as usual, later that night, I went in to check on the children after bedtime ... the girls were snuggled up together, hand in hand, heads touching. How sweet !! I think the words of our friend from church infact did "resolve" the troubles between Cherub 2 and Cherub 5 .... I think perhaps Cherub 2 softened her heart a little and found a bit more "love" there to bridge the gap between them.

I had forgotten how special it is to have people in the lives of our children that have known them since they were very little, or even "before they were born". I had forgotten how very precious those relationships can be, for them and for me.

Thank you Lord for these women and their memories and words to us, and for their impact in the lives of our children and in my own life this week. And thank you for the glimpse of what lies before us if we only seek Your Guidance and followYour Will in our lives.

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