Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How Does The Garden Grow ?

Well, nothing is growing quite yet. Things were so busy with soccer and school, we had time only to prepare the garden. But yesterday, we started planting ... a bit late, but better than never. This year we are also trying to stagger our "harvests" a bit, so that we can get some food put away (freezer, and maybe some canning) ... and so that we are not giving away bushel baskets of melons and squash and cucumbers because we do not know what to do with it all. HA !!


Corn (first planting of 4)

Green Bean seeds (plot 1)

Cucumber seeds

Pea seeds (plot 1)

Small Patch of leaf-type Lettuce (non-bittering in heat, so they say)

Crookneck Yellow Squash seeds

Zucchini seeds

Green Bean seeds (plot 2)

Pea seeds (plot 2)

Corn seed (planting 2)

Corn seed (planting 3)

Corn seed (planting 4)

Cantelope seed (planting 1)

Cantelope seed (planting 2)

Watermelon seed (planting 1)

Watermelon seed (planting 2)

We had hoped to get much of our remaining "seed list" planted today after we finish with school, but it is raining and the garden is WET (and I prefer not to have 6 wet muddy children plus 2 muddy wet dogs walking in and out of the house - what a party pooper I am, huh ??). So, we will try to get them in tomorrow.

And on Friday and Saturday we will be buying our "plants" and setting them out this weekend.


Tomato plants (48)

Pepper plants (green bell, jalepeno, banana)

Eggplant plants



more Lavendar





Strawberries (currently clearing a bed for them)

Brambles (preferably thornless - raspberry, blackberry, etc)

So, that should keep us busy for a while. And it should keep our tummies pretty satisfied later this summer too.

In between veggie (and fruit) gardening, we need to add more Butterfly - Hummingbird perinneals to our flower beds and get them mulched.

(** Thanks Harmony Art Mom for the strike-through instructions. It worked !)

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