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(Photo of Lily taken December 31, 2007 at our NewYearsEve party)

Wednesday May 7th

I received this message via email just a short time ago from MamaLion of Shadybrookacres ....

I’m on the way to the Children’s Hospital in Knoxville with my sister, Lori, and her daughter Lily. Lily is having almost constant seizures. She has been gradually getting worse and worse since she was sick a couple of weeks ago. For those of you that don’t know, Lily has a seizure disorder which is normally kept well under control with medication. Please pray.

We know each of these families, and Lily is a very special friend of Cherub 2's ---- Lily has been having more seizures nearly every day since having a stomach bug a few weeks ago, and according to this email her seizures are nearly constant now.




UPDATE: May 8 @ 10:15am from MamaLion:
A little about Wednesday….Lily had a pretty good afternoon, comparatively speaking, with only a handful of seizures. She began having some trouble with vomiting and a little diarrhea. By the time I left the hospital the seizures were picking up again, about 6 in 30 minutes. And she had a low fever.

When I left, they were planning on admitting Lily for 24 hours. They planned to start an IV and give her extra seizure medicine to get the seizures under control. Then they plan on sending her home with extra medicine for the month of May.

(pause to call Lily's Dad for latest update)

I just got off the phone with Lily's Dad, who is home with the kids, and he said he talked to Lori and hour ago and she was just getting a room and were finally getting an IV started. We got there at 1:30 this afternoon! We don’t understand why it would take nearly 8 hours to get this done. The good news is that she hasn’t continued with an outrageous amount of seizures. Lori estimated 12 today vs. about 75 in the previous 24 hours.

From now on I’ll update on my blog:
Again thanks for all of your prayers!
MAY 8 UPDATE 9:22pm:
I just received this email update from MamaLion:
"Just found out K (Lily's Dad) went up to get them (from the hospital). My mom said that Lily has not had a seizure since 11:30am. "
Please continue to pray for Lily and her doctors and her family -- and PRAISE THE LORD for Lily's improvement too !
Friday, May 9 10am
I spoke to Lily's mother this morning. They arrived home from the hospital last evening (late). Lily slept well but had a few seizures through the night and earlier this morning. Her spirits are great, despite being a bit tired after this ordeal. Please continue to pray for Lily as her meds are adjusting, and as her body recovers from thsi difficult time.

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Kris! said...

Thank you for posting this so that we can pray for Lily and her family.