Saturday, May 03, 2008

An URGENT Call To Prayer & Fasting

After a very rough end-of-week in Nashville, the following message was sent to Tennessee homeschoolers (earlier today).

Personally, I want to say first that I am very thankful for a dedicated Representative (Mike Bell) who I believe was chosen by God to be in THIS state, in THIS House of Representatives, at THIS time. He is a very faithful Christian man, and also is a dedicated homeschool father. We, in Tennessee and in the homeschool community, are truly blessed by his faith and his service.

Whether you live in Tennessee or not, please join us in praying ! This issue is an enormous threat not only to homeschooling in Tennessee, from past students to our future generations, but is also a very serious threat to parents in Tennessee - this legislation would strip parents of the freedom to educate their children in the way THEY see fit, and it would render parents unable (legally) be "the" parents and "the" educators that God has called them to be in His Holy Word. Essentially this legislation would directly contradict the Word of God, which calls upon parents (and even more-so fathers) to be the primary teachers of their children.

The fundamental core of our freedoms as parents, as families, and as Americans are under attack .... please pray with us ......

Written in the form of a resolution:

This is a call to prayer and fasting with regard to our efforts to pass HB 1652 and bring relief from the invalidation of Cat. IV diplomas. Please pass it along as God leads.

Humble yourselves before
The Lord God Almighty
With prayer and fasting

WHEREAS, departments of Tennessee's government have voided diplomas awarded by legally operated Category IV high schools, and

WHEREAS, all remedies to this miscarriage of justice have been fully pursued with meetings held and reasonable resolution sought, but without effect, leaving changing the laws of the State of Tennessee as the only remedy, and

WHEREAS, Representative Mike Bell has been given HB1652 which is perfectly suitable for correcting this injustice, and

WHEREAS, young Tennesseans with Category IV high school diplomas continue to step forward describing the loss of career, loss of profession, and being fired from their jobs, even though some of them have been awarded degrees from post high school educational institutions and even though their high school diplomas have been acceptable for serving in the United States Navy, the United States Marines and attending post high school educational institutions, and

WHEREAS, the Tennessee Department of Education has described Category IV high school diplomas as "Not worth the paper they are written on", and

WHEREAS, God has mercifully granted to us, even at this late hour in the 105th General Assembly, the opportunity to correct this injustice, and

WHEREAS, students, parents, grandparents, and friends who have been affected by this new policy of the Department of Education plan to contact their State Representative and ask them to support and to co sponsor the bill; they plan to come to Nashville on May 5, 2008 at 3:00 pm before the House of Representatives convenes to talk with their Representative, and

WHEREAS, the State Comptroller's Office issued a report analyzing "diploma mills"in Tennessee and found none existing, yet the Department of Education cites the fact that this report was prepared as if it had found diploma mills in the Category IV schools, and

WHEREAS, the Department of Education has determined to use this situation as a vehicle to take over the teacher requirements of the Category IV Church related schools and to increase the requirements for those parents who home school, and

WHEREAS, there is a God, who rules heaven and earth, and this all wise God has delegated to parents, particularly fathers, the responsibility to teach, to train, to prepare their children, and

WHEREAS, throughout recorded history civil governments have historically worked to terminate parents rights in the education of their children, and

WHEREAS, this Constitutional Republic was formed particularly for the purpose of promoting freedom of religion, so that the people so governed would be free in both their conscience and in their persons to enjoy a direct, intimate relationship with the Creator of all that is, the Lord Jesus Christ and to learn freely at His feet and from His Word,

THEREFORE, you are called this day to prepare yourselves to pray and to fast with gentle weeping and calling out in humility to our merciful God on Monday May 5, 2008 asking that our All Powerful God extend our freedom to educate our children away from the corrupting influence of those perverse, usurping men and women wishing to train our children to be dependent on the civil government rather than on God and implore your state representative that he or she work to insure that these Category IV high school diplomas be recognized by all Tennessee Departments as they are by the US Department of Defense and by colleges and universities all across our state and nation .

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