Sunday, August 10, 2008

Agenda For Next Week

This weekend is being spent brainstorming .... preparing to plan our next school year.
And while brainstorming, I have been making lots of lists -- lists of books, lists of assignments, lists of skills, lists of memory work, lists of songs, lists of projects, lists of papers, lists of poems, lists of potential fieldtrips, and lists of lists of lists.
So I will continue making lists until I have nearly everything "mapped" out for the year for each of our 6 students.
At some point next week (hopefully Mon or Tues) I will head to the library to peek through the shelves, for books that we will need and want through the year (to ensure there is something we can use there for various things).
And after the library, I will go through the books we bought, making notes, dividing up reading assignments, setting up timing for projects and assignments, and more ....
And finally, toward the end of the week, I will sit down with LOTS of coffee and all of my lists, and I will enter all of the information into my favorite organizer (found at ).
** I will post more specifics about our plans and the organizer next weekend.
I will mull it all over through next weekend, and on Monday (Aug 18) I will fine-tune the plans I put into the organizer.
Then, we will be READY for school ... supplies, books, plans ... to start school on September 1st.

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Kris! said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading your lists!!! I have the big picture in place, but now for all those details, LOL.