Sunday, August 31, 2008

A New Tool

DadToCherubs surprised me with a new laptop !! And it is just in time for our new school year too.

And he has prepared my old laptop for use by the children for school this year. YAHOO !! This will allow 2 children to use the computer at the same time. They use the computer for Math DVDs, Science CD-Roms, for MS Word (writing skills), and for "very filtered" research. Having 2 computers available will save us all some time, and will eliminate some of the frustration for the bigger kids.

My new laptop has Microsoft Vista on it - WOW !! There is going to be some "adjustment" after years of using XP. So far it is working out just fine, and I "might" even like it better ?!?! It seems to make more sense to be in the way that it is set up. One of the best features on the new laptop is that it has a much bigger screen ... easy on my tired eyes, and also much better for showing the children things online (maps, photos, etc) for history and science studies. And it has a much much bigger hard drive, so I should not run out of room for quite some time. (Apparently I was close to "maximum" on my other laptop.)

DadToCherubs !!

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Pam said...

What a fantastic gift for a busy homeschool mom and family! Yay Dad!

Pam in SE MI (TLT)