Sunday, August 31, 2008

On September 1st

Tomorrow is September 1st -- and it will be our first day of (home) school here at Beck's Bounty.

In previous years we started in early August, but with DadToCherubs and I having grown up in NewEngland where school used to start on the first Monday following Labor Day, August just felt "wrong' (to us). So this year we decided to begin on September 1st, not realizing it was Labor Day. The children were thrilled with a few more weeks of "summer". Then we realized that September 1st was Labor Day .... and after a discussion, we all agreed to stick with our September 1st plan, despite the "holiday", so that we can have some "breaks"this winter for extended holidays, traveling, skiing, and some great field trips out-of-town PLUS still finish up in the early spring. (This is yet another beautiful part of homeschooling - making your own schedule !)
Tonight, I cannot help feeling VERY blessed. To be able to be at home with my children, to be able to see them grow and learn, to be able to be for my family what God called me to be, to have these wonderful supplies at our disposal, to be married to a loving and supportive "homeschool Dad" .... and to be able to watch them "take off" .... it reminds me of a butterfly taking flight from the hands of a child. Ahhhh - the wonder of it all !! Seeing the "light bulb moments" --- reading the first word ever, understanding a math lesson, making a connection with history or a scientific discovery. It is impossible for me to truly describe these things with mere words .... so the butterfly has become a symbol in my heart and mind.

Our books arrived some time ago, and have been on the shelves almost calling our names .... READ ME .... READ ME ... READ ME. (HA !) Tomorrow, at long last, we will finally begin to "dive in". Even our reluctant reader has been eyeing the titles on the shelves .... (definately a good "sign")
Tomorrow we will begin Reading "those" books. They will not taunt and tempt us anymore. (HA !) Reading is a love we share as a family ... we share a genuine love of good books ... good "living" books (as Charlotte Mason called them). So, the BOOKS are a "treat", so we do not see the world's "sad sullen faces" at the mention of school. We see smiles -- school means the children get to dive into those things we planned together so long ago. When we mention school at our house, we see the smiles of Adventurers !!

We are beginning some new things this year -- we will be using Year 1 of Tapestry of Grace (Ancient History) --- a new math program for everyone (Math U See) -- new science programs (Biology for Cherub 1, General Science for Cherub 2 and Cherub 3) -- we have a really neat Nature Program planned this year (Kamana Naturalist Studies) --- and so much more. (Can you tell we are all excited ?!?!)

Cherub 6 will begin his first "offical" school year tomorrow in Kindergarten (it almost makes me want to cry. My babyyyy is growing up ! ) .... and Cherub 1 will begin his first High School year ....

Please pray for us as we begin this adventure .... living and learning together for the 2008-2009 school year here at Beck's Bounty.

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Kris! said...

Blessings for your new school year! Your new laptop looks really neat--are you busy setting everything up the way you like it?