Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nature Study Group

On Monday, a few families came to join us
for a time of Nature Study.
It was blowing and snowing outside
but we persevered.
And we shared a most enjoyable time.
We'll have to do this again soon ...
perhaps with the spring wildflowers ?
** Photos are out of order. Sorry. ** Above & Below: Working on Nature Journal Entries.

Observing and discussing the "finds"
Some turtle egg shell fragments,
scattered beside the pond, between what
appeared to be a "nest" (hole) with
an intact egg and the water's edge.
These are probably from Snapping Turtles,
as we have plenty of those.
But that is a "guess".
We have not been able to identify this plant yet.
Any ideas ??

The catails are starting to sprout
in the sunny spots alongside the pond.
An eggsack belonging to a
Golden Orb Weaver Spider.
Isn't it awesome ?!?!
This was a mass of very fine "web" material
intertwined with leaves and other plant debris.
No identifications yet - any ideas ??
A male Cardinal sitting on a RedBud branch,
while snow is falling all around.

Here is what was supposed to be the first photo ~
The "group" setting off toward the pond in
search of specimens and samples, and in
high hopes of finding something inspiring.
(all the while, it was snowing and blowing, and COLD !)


The Ties that Bind Us said...

I am loving it! I would love to do this with a group of families once a month. The pictures were great, too. Thank you for sharing.

Kimi said...

What wonderful photos. I may have to "steal" some of these. Thank you for such a great afternoon. We had a wonderful time!!

Anonymous said...

That egg sack looks cool!