Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Outdoor Hour Challenge

Barb, aka Harmony Art Mom, shared this fun 99 Outdoors Sorts of Things To Do meme on her Handbook of Nature Study blog .... and we decided it owuld be a lovely rainy day thing for us to do together ....

The ones we have already completed are pink, and our yet-to-do's are gold.

1. Identify 20 birds living near by; learn their habits.
2. Listen and identify 12 bird calls.
3. Measure the massive Oaks; approximate their age.
4. Mark out, by biblical measurements, the perimeter of Noah's Ark.
5. Do bark rubbings of trees.
6. Visit Bald River Falls.
7. Visit Indian Boundary.
8. Watch kayakers on the Ocoee River.
9. Swim at Fort Loudoun.
10. Attend an official "tour" of Fort Loudoun.
11. Climb the tallest tree on the farm; how high can you go ?
12. Visit a Ranger Station in the Smokies.
13. Drive on the Cherohala Skyway across the mountains into NC.
14. Pick wild blackberries.
15. Identify local butterflies and moths.
16. Pick strawberries.
17. Visit a local Organic Dairy farm.
18. Plant a vegetable garden.
19. Plant hummingbird and butterfly "friendly" gardens.
20. Grow birdhouse gourds to make birdhouses (drying now, then will make the houses)
21. Watch pond edges for baby turtles hatching.
22. Track muskrats habits around and in the pond.
23. Make a tree swing using a tire and some heavy rope.
24. Build bluebird houses and install.
25. Milk a cow "by hand".
26. Pick and identify wildflowers.
27. Hatch butterflies in captivity for release.
28. Raise tadpoles in an aquarium for release.
29. Hike to the big lake. (many times)
30. Identify "lizards" in the woodpile.
31. Have a bonfire (many times)
32. Make a compost pile.
33. Build a fort in a tree.
34. Build a fort around a tree base.
35. Go rock climbing.
36. Go white water rafting.
37. Go kayaking.
38. Camping.
39. Visit Cades Cove.
40. Visit Ruby Falls.
41. Ride the Incline Railway (almost went into labor early with Cherub 4 !)
42. Go to the Zoo.
43. Go on a dinner cruise on the River.
44. Go skiing.
45. Go sledding.
46. Have a snowball fight.
47. Build a snow fort.
48. Make a snow angel.
49. Go snow boarding.
50. Raise animals for food (we have raised chickens)
51. Butcher an animal for food (fiesty roosters)
52. Adopt a stray animal. (too many cats, and Daisy the golden)
53. Make maple syrup.
54. Go boating on Lake Oconee (GA).
55. Go jet skiing.
56. Play on an island at Lake Oconee.
57. Build sandcastles.
58. Visit the Atlantic Ocean.
59. Watch baby goslings (Canadian Geese) take their first swim.
60. Find and identify fossils.
61. Skip rocks.
62. Learn to fish.
63. Learn to clean and cook fresh fish.
64. See the sun rise in each of the 4 seasons.
65. Learn the major cloud formations.
66. Find 10 Constellations in the night sky.
67. Collect acorns.
68. Collect pecans; prepare them; bake with them.
69. Ride a horse.
70. See dolphins in the wild.
71. Go whale watching.
72. See seals in the wild.
73. See a moose in the wild.
74. Watch a spider spin a web.
75. Watch a spider for a full season (Orb Weaver).
76.See the Continental Divide.
77. Learn to canoe.
78. See the Grand Canyon.
79. Build a raft or boat to float on a river (and have it NOT sink).
80. Find a beaver's dam.
81. Catch lightening bugs.
82. Raise and release ducks.
83. Visit Yellowstone.
84. Follow a rainbow to the end. (many failed attempts)
85. Admire the Dogwoods in full bloom.
86. Visit Washington D.C. when the Cherry trees are in full bloom.
87. Peddle boat in the Baltimore Harbor.
88. Visit Mystic Seaport.
89. Witness the Northern Lights.
90. Visit Williamsburg, VA.
91. Walk on the Battlefield, Devil's Den, and other landmarks in Gettsyburg, PA.
92. Visit Jamestown, VA.
93. Visit a "real" Farmer's Market.
94. Try water-skiing, wake boarding, and knee boarding.
95. Go tubing on the lake.
96. Drive across the country, Atlantic to Pacific.
97. Hike 1/4 of the Appalachian Trail.
98. Wildflower Pilgrimage in the Smokies.
99. Volunteer to help with tracking and identification in the Smokies.

Now it's your turn. be sure to leave a link in the comments when you post your "99 Outdoors Sorts Of Things" so we can add your link to our blog.

Have a great day !

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Wahoo! What a great list and lots of great ideas!

There are quite a few on there that I have done but many, many more that I have not.

Thanks for playing along.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom