Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Somethings

From in the school room one day last week, we could hear "something" ... lots and lots of "somethings" actually.
At first, we were busy working on our lessons as the "somethings" got louder and softer. Then, the waves of sound from the "somethings" kept getting louder and louder and louder.
Our minds kept wandering outside, wondering what was going on out there. And the sound ... WOW ... it was very loud, and was getting progressively louder.Finally, in order to satisfy our curiousity, we decided to venture out to the front porch for a moment to see what was happening.
(And we spent more than a moment in awe of it all !)
In the sky was what resembled a tremendous swarm of "somethings", flying this way and that, moving much like a swarm of bee's traveling as a unified body ... there were absolutely MANY "somethings" ... but the "somethings" were much too large to be bees or insects.
Next we noticed that there were also many other smaller "swarms" crowded together up above, sounding off from nearly every tree top.
Apparently convinced that we were not going to harm them, the swarms of "somethings" began to descend to the ground, a few at a time.
It was then we knew for sure ... the swarms ... the "somethings" ... were actually Flocks of Robins .... many many many MANY Robin RedBreasts.

We watched as they descended and began hopping (have you ever noticed their characteristic "hopping" ?) all over the yard, chirping and pecking. It seemed as if they were greeting one another over a meal (a buffet, obviously) after a long period of separation, genuinely pleased to see one another. Or perhaps they were greeting those who also survived the long dangerous journey just completed ?!?! Their behavior reminded us of so many "spring greetings" described so well in Thornton Burgess's Bird Book stories. ( http://www.amazon.com/Burgess-Children-Dover-Science-Books/dp/0486428400/ref=pd_bbs_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1233065578&sr=8-2 )
We did not count them, but it definately seemed that there were hundreds and hundreds of Robins in our yard (and in the sky directly above it).
It was quite a sight to behold, indeed !

Several days have passed since the "somethings" arrived. The Robins are still here, or many of them at least, and so it seems safe to say that we have officially witnessed one of the first signs ...
Spring Is Coming .... soon !
** We tried taking many photos of the Robins here at Beck's Bounty, but our photos were all very blurry and fuzzy. We obviously have not yet gotten proficient with the new camera. And so, we borrowed the above photos from other more-gifted photographers, found with a Goggle image search. **


Lisa said...

Wow! That sound like quite a flock. I have seen flocks around all winter, but not as big as you are describing.

Keri said...

Those robins are beautiful!
The first shot reminds me of a scene from Alfred Hitchcocks' 'The Birds'!

Anonymous said...

I recently learned that the Robin can hear the worms underground and they hop to the worm. Fascinating!
Many Blessings,

{ jamie } said...

We had something like that with red-winged blackbirds one day. It was amazing! Interesting, too, since we almost never see them here; guess they were just passing through.